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 Metagame complications

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PostSubject: Metagame complications   Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:36 am

Remembering the first 2 rounds I had in the OCG tournament I felt like I had to post this, as much as I'd love free wins against people who did the same in the future.
Know your metagame, if you go in blind you are simply hoping you are paired with kids who can't play yugioh because there is no way you'll win against anyone at least decent if you don't consider the decks of your opponents.
In the OCG tournament the prime deck to look out for was of course inzektors, you knew that and if you didn't know you should have looked it up before making your deck. Despite that being a very solid fact, in both my first round match and second round match I saw my opponent siding in Dimensional Fissure, as if it's the first time they had a full match vs inzektors.
And no, I am not saying this to accuse my opponents of being bad or anything, this is a cautionary tale for everyone: know thy enemy, don't severely underestimate him, at least I know I feel a bit hurt when I am underestimated like that, so many others would feel the same...

And a side advice: unless your deck supports fissure over macro (like inzektors do) or you want to shut down hand traps fast for some reason, use Macro Cosmos over Dimensional Fissure this format.
1: it's chainable, so it helps a lot more against decks like dark world etc.
2: Inzektors and Xyz decks don't get around it, unlike Dimensional Fissure

On a completely unrelated note, I decided to check around KCTAU for fun and found this open topic
quickdraw wrote:
We at DLA request a friendly war

NO meta, no banned, no exodia, no anti meta, no stall, no lock down, no rfp, no burn, no mill, no OTK, no FTK, no rabbits, no dinos, no anti-meta, no former 2011 ban list, no meta decks of 2011, Can only use non-arch type

match duel single elimination

Well, it was funny but then I remembered the rules in my first wars and tours in TWA and can't help but start wondering... Would it be the same here if I wasn't around to bitch about those things all the time? I mean mina was here but back then when he was alone in pointing that out there was some slandering going around so...

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Metagame complications
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