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 Biannual Bitching Festival - Summer 2012

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PostSubject: Biannual Bitching Festival - Summer 2012   Thu Jul 26, 2012 10:44 am

Do you feel annoyed but you can't tell at what lately? Have things been pissing you off even though they shouldn't? Do you feel the need to complain about everything in your life? Do you feel like predicting that in a few days there will be world peace and money will rain down from the sky? Does the past instead feel like that?

Don't worry if you do, it's all normal, because it's that time of the year. It is banlist time! It's the festive period where twice a year yugioh players sit down, make insane predictions that will never come true neither would they benefit anyone, and when something normal happens instead they bitch and moan with many of them taking an eternal vow of never touching cardboard again.

It's banlist season!

First of all, let us all remember the previous banlist. The banlist where plants were not just massacred but for the first time a TCG exclusive was hit in both regions before its OCG release. Of course as you get that means in this banlist tour guide will be limited, wind-up rabbit will be limited and wind-up shark will be banned as will evolzar dolkka.

Now let's get serious and say that what this means is that TCG exclusives are no longer as untouchable, although it doesn't seem something similar will happen this time, since to be honest, even though tour guide is splashable, it works as intented (let me put it this way, would the prices of rank 3s be the same without Tour Guide) and the same is more or less true for the rest.

Let's talk some facts. Konami is not a charity organization with the goal of spreading fun and games to all good kids in the world. And I am not saying this to insult konami, I am being realistic. Konami is a business, players are customers. You are in business to make a profit, that is a fact. And while some of their ways of maximizing profit can and should be heavily criticized even among other card games, in the TCG that is, I would not expect them or ask of them to throw money away. You are making a profit when people buy your product. You don't make a profit when people do not buy your product. That is a great simplification of it.

"The customer is always right." That is bull$hit you'll give your customer to suck up to them. The customer is hardly ever right, instead the professional who makes a living out of it is most usually right.
"If the game isn't fixed then players will stop buying as a sign of protest." But honestly you should know the world is not like that. And that is without mentioning that this most usually comes from players who either hardly ever buy product or those who only play online, because when you have a monetary attachment to yugioh you think differently, and it is only the people with that kind of attachment whose opinion counts. Whether you like it or not, if you are not a customer of Konami, decision making is none of your business and no one cares.

I won't go through how Konami wouldn't want to dissatisfy their actual customers by ruining the decks they paid real money on and gave them their main income, since I covered it on the last banlist (May '12). Instead I'll paste in the spoiler.

Instead I'll touch a more practical subject.
You probably consider the banlist to be a game fixing tool, and ethically speaking that's what it is. In fact even in a certain business perspective, you are using the banlist to make the game more "viable" and therefore not lose players.
In reality however the banlist is mostly yet another tool to generate profit.

Let's assume that we own the rights to a card game and make money off of selling related product. Now let's say that there is a good and established deck out. In a short term that means we will be selling product to people who want to create that deck. Primarily product which aids or counters said deck will sell. For now it's all fine, we are selling stuff and are making money. But unfortunately we will not be able to make profit perpetually, because even though it sounds nice, we will soon come on the wall called "saturation".

The same product will not sell to the same customers as it is not expendable and they already own it so we need every time new customers to keep making a profit. It would be ideal if we constantly had a steady influx of new customers, but even if the game was that popular and we could attract a good percentage of the entire human population, humans aren't convenient beings that will mature as fast as we'd want them to keep a steady profit by selling the same product.

The answer to that problem is simple, we need to sell new product to the customers we already have. Obviously we cannot sell worse product as our customers will have little reason to buy it. We can either sell direct upgrades for our existing product for a small but sustainable profit, or sell new product that is better than the old one for a decent profit. That way we can keep making a profit from the same customers. But that kind of business will not give perpetual profit either. If we keep making upgrades at a steady pace we will certainly come to the point where the balance of the game will be damaged to the point of it being unplayable, at which point we will lose even our existing customer base.

Obviously our business has a big issue here. The market will eventually reach the point of saturation and then we will be forced to upgrade our product, but if we do we greatly reduce our business's longevity. Therefore we need a solution to keep selling product without ruining our own business.
A possible answer is this: Downgrade the existing product. If you do, you can use upgrades to sell while still maintaining the desired controlled balance in the game.
On the first stage, when the market comes close to saturation we downgrade our existing product. Then we sell upgrades to that same downgraded product. We are still able to sell and even though we are upgrading we are still maintaining balance as it evens out with the downgrade.
For example: We restrict the use of certain cards in our top deck. Then our top deck becomes unplayable competitively unless you invest in new upgrades for it, which will once again make it playable.
But on the process of downgrading we see the potential for greater profit, so on the second stage, after the market has reached the point of full saturation, we completely restrict the old product. Then in order to be competitive customers will have to invest in all new product.
For example: We greatly restrict the use of key cards in our top deck. Then we release product to support a different kind of deck, which customers will be fully inclined to invest in.

The above answer we refer to as the "banlist".

This is something important to keep in mind. Old decks will not be better than current ones. To get further into that let's get into some cases of overkill. Currently those would be fish (where fishborg blaster got banned even after it was made useless with the limit of formula and the ftk itself was made impossible with the semi-limitation of dewloren), plants (where there was a hit on tengu and a ban on bulb, spore and trishula, while considering the current state of the banlist you could achieve the same results by hitting much less) and in older formats there were things like goat control format, which was a massacre. For all of these and more there are many who have questioned whether konami was right to keep Destiny Draw limited for so long, magician of faith or tsukuyomi banned on the current formats and so on. The answer to this is simple. They cannot afford to take any chances that old decks will once again be competitive. There is always the chance people will find ways to play old decks if they are not thorough and if it happens they take real financial damage, because people will only use saturated product and will not invest nearly as much in newer one. Let's take Frog FTK for example, that deck used old cards and 1 cheap new one, if people caught onto it sooner it would have been a financial disaster, thus everything died, never again Mass Driver will be there to ruin the plans of konami with a weird loop using outdated cards (maybe it will be some time, but you get what I mean).

So, what you want to do with the banlist should be understandable by now.
Let's first break product in 3 categories.
Old product is that released several sets back that is very easily accessible at the current time mostly and has reached saturation.
Current product is that released in recent sets which has yet to reach saturation and still contains at least some hard to find cards.
New product is that of the current set or future ones.

First of all you want to be getting rid of old and completely saturated product. While you want to allow them to be played now and then, you cannot allow them to stay in the top tiers. Especially old product that does not work as intended must go though and is unlikely to remain playable in any kind of play.

Then you want to damage current product so that customers will buy upgrades. In order for upgrades to sell two conditions must be met.
1. It has to be an upgrade to the already damaged product, not a side-grade or a downgrade. It is acceptable to fail in damaging the product if the new product is still an upgrade to its new state, you can use the next banlist to balance it, however it is optimal to damage it just enough so that it is not a top deck anymore and it will be allowed to be one again after the upgrades as it will be a better incentive for customers. However achieving that balance is hit or miss.
2. It has to be at least close to as competitive, at least after the upgrade of the new product. If it is no longer competitive either way then you are both dissatisfying your customers by devaluing their relatively fresh product and you will do very badly in selling upgrades.

Lastly you want to support new product, and you are to maybe even use the banlist to achieve that end, not only by restricting old and current product, but also by un-restricting old product that supports the new product sufficiently.

Now let's actually go into our current metagame. And at the time predictions are not too soon, in fact they are overdue, the banlist is probably already decided by now, at least the month of august is not taken into account. Additionally we will refer to decks being consistent in the format, that does not mean refer to its consistency in terms of playability, but the deck doing consistently well in the format.

Let's start with what mainly matters and that is the OCG.
First of all, Inzektors were the most consistent deck of the entire OCG format, topping, and quite highly at that, every time.
In the beginning Lavals made a good showing, but they were replaced by Hieratics as a more consistent OTK deck once the deck type became established.
Hieratic, as well as Hieratic Gishki which appeared shortly afterwards, was doing very well for some time and that time ended when people actually started looking out for them, as it is easier to prepare against an OTK deck when you focus.
Another notable deck was Gadget variants after the release of REDU and still going strong even now, which got a good Xyz boost with Geargiganto.
Following its TCG success, Rabbit stayed alive in the OCG, using Hanzo and Verz instead. And while Hanzo does not make up for the lack of tour guide, Verz is in fact an upgrade, allowing Rabbit to stay in the top tier despite its shortcomings.
Lastly in the notable decks, with a strong showing especially in the end of the format, winning it all eventually, is Alive Hero. Heroes have always been there of course in all shapes and forms, while their stun version could be frequently seen, as it is perhaps the stun deck of the OCG format, but Alive Hero had the OTK potential and aggression to make it a strong contestant and a deck to beat.
Then you have in the rogues Chaos variants, especially Chaos Dragons in the end as the hype reached OCG tables, wind-ups having a decent showing in the beginning but then falling to the status of "that annoying rogue deck I'd rather not see but meh", infernity variants, six samurai variants, zombie mini-engines and other smaller things.
Generally a thing to remember is that OTKs did very well in the OCG this format, with Inzektors being perhaps the only other deck outdoing OTKs at the time, s/t hate is often maxed with 7 pieces and the OCG does have OTK issues.

For the TCG the prize of the most consistently good deck of the format goes to Rabbit. The hype would always change, even the deck to beat could often change. Every deck had at least one top of a premier event where it would either be completely out of the top 16 or have just 1 representation at most. Every deck but one, Rescue Rabbit would occupy more or less half the spots of the top 16 every time, even after veiler could kill it to many people's surprise, even after dragons, dark worlds and wind-ups were out to get it. To begin with, Dragons and Dark Worlds did well because they had a good matchup against rescue rabbit, which even by itself speaks a lot of the deck's strengths and its influence in the TCG metagame. Maybe it's the best, maybe it isn't, but it's certainly the most consistent one.

Wind-Ups are perhaps the second most noteworthy deck. Even though they faced shortcomings more than other decks (they would actually get kicked out of top 16s often), that's only because they were always a deck to look out for and had to prepare for. They were that good and in the end of the format they were finally used well, perhaps because the confusion started going down, perhaps because players learned how to use them well or perhaps because people paid less attention to them. Still, they are a strong deck and they proved it with plenty of tops and enough victories.

Inzektors on the other hand have a sad TCG story, and I blame their american players for it really, using highly inconsistent builds which simply did what other decks in the format did only worse, instead of playing on their strengths, which in the end mainly caused them to be unable to play around their weaknesses while they really should. Still, even with that they were a deck to look out for and got plenty of tops. Their field destruction potential was a major factor in shaping our format.

Dark Worlds and Chaos Dragons were the decks that best played to the weaknesses of the Rabbit decks. However Dark Worlds face huge issues when the opponent is prepared, reaching the point of unplayable without the element of surprise. Chaos Dragons on the other hand were more aggressive and were at least able to play around their weaknesses. Still, even though they had a good run, once the element of surprise was completely lost and the deck was understood they fell behind their main competitors.

Heroes were here as always. Around the beginning of the format Bubble Hero was popular, while mid format Skill Drain Hero would do well, with Gemini Beat having some tops here and there. Six Samurai also should be mentioned, with a YCS victory and sporadic showings.

On other appearances we have stun decks in general, chain burn and final countdown, but mainly the existence of many multiple overwhelming decks made it harder for new ones to jump in the scene unless they played directly to a top competitor's weaknesses.

Now let's get into deck analysis and take it from the top.
Considering truly old decks did not make an especially strong showing, the main suspect would be the deck which dominated the OCG format and made a decent run in the TCG, Inzektors. Inzektors would however qualify as current product, while additionally considering the effects of dragonfly, ladybug and even mantis and hornet, inzektors need mainly rank 3 xyz, rank 4 xyz AND rank 5 xyz while also having use for rank 6 xyz in the same deck. From a business point of view that is great, you gotta love the inzektor deck for giving stable good value to 3 different categories of unrelated extra deck monsters. That however does not mean its dominance is to be overlooked, but even after the banlist you'll probably be able to still play inzektors competitively. There is always the easy way of limiting Inzektor Hornet. Many non-inzektor players ask for that and will be satisfied, inzektor players know it won't hurt the deck and will be satisfied, people will still want to get inzektors and konami will be satisfied. There are two issues though and they both originate from the fact that the deck will still be just as good as is.
One is, inzektors will still do as well so the banlist doesn't achieve anything, the other is that there is no need for upgrades in the deck.
Dragonfly or Centipede limited are things that will make inzektors competitively unplayable as is since, despite the fear of the hornet players have, the dragonfly - centipede engine is the core of inzektors and a limitation of either will kill the deck as is. Hornet banned will as well however deal a sufficient hit to hurt inzektors perhaps beyond repair. Something realistic would be the semi-limitation of Inzektor Centipede or a limitation/ban of either along with the release of a slightly nerfed substitute.

Lavals fell out of grace relatively soon in the format, still they are a heavy synchro deck as well as an otk deck which has also recently received new support (these days in fact). Their latest Duel Terminal support does not exactly qualify them as old product, however they do house enough old product in them. The prime suspect this time seems to be Rekindling, looking at perhaps a semi-limitation or limitation. Other than that not especially noteworthy.
As a side note to lavals, I will put here another synchro deck, Infernity, which may see minor hits, especially now that it can pull a burn otk with the usuall settup, while it seems to constantly get indirect upgrades from the Xyz.

Hieratic and Dragons have things in common (well, they are both dragon decks for one) and there is a good chance that at those things they'll be hit. To be precise, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon is a very old card that is suddenly seeing mainstream play, even to the point of enabling OTKs. Signature old product with a very low price and overwhelming availability allowing new decks to OTK is something that has high chances to appear on the banlist, so there is a chance REDMD will be limited in this banlist (semi-limited is unlikely considering that in both hieratic and chaos dragon, 2 is already a good number). In fact when considering how new every other card of the hieratic deck is, REDMD has the higher chances of being the card used to hurt the deck. An unlikely alternative is the Gaia Xyz as it is rule breaking (it allows you to go over the "cannot attack" clause, which allows you to break counter-measures that would stop OTKs, with no cost whatsoever), but it is very new for that.

Dragons themselves on the other hand do have weak points. One of them is common to the chaos engine in general, and that is lightsworn. The main card to look at is Solar Recharge, a good draw card and history has taught us those cards are not treated well by the banlist. Then you could look at their main splashable monsters, like Lyla and Ryko, for a less effective and more troublesome hit.

Another thing that is being constantly brought up is Future Fusion, as it is a power card of the Dragon deck, and considering the success of Dragons while the banlist was still being considered, it is actually possible. As a "counteroffer" people have brought up the ban of Five-Headed Dragon instead, which is a fair argument as it will make it useless in dragons and in the metagame in general outside of heroes. We may say Future Fusion is the culprit for many things but its main use has been with the monsters that allowed it to, those being Chimeratech Overdragon and Five-Headed Dragon, giving it huge milling potential. Other than that another use comes up only with the full release of the omni-heroes, but a use that can be overlooked. That being said it can create a decent Hero play as well, actually managing to make it a suspect for the banlist. However it should be noted that Future Fusion is a versatile card. Players will constantly complain about the game being skill less and autopilot, but that's only until a good versatile card is used against them in which case it has to go and we have to use straightforward cards instead, and then again the game is being autopilot... Future Fusion is a card that can actually do many different things and promotes more complex deckbuilding while it is already limited and at a good place. Regardless, with any other hit on the Dragon decks, there is a chance Future Fusion will probably stay limited, baring the feel for the need to hit heroes there. To begin with it's one deck with some success in the TCG only.

Gadgets feed off the Xyz now, their main engine can not be upgraded and will probably stay as is. Machina is auxiliary in the build so it will be left as is and Tinplate is new and new card friendly. What does actually sound like a likely hit on them is Ultimate Offering. Now don't get me wrong, gadgets are perfectly capable of winning without Ultimate Offering, and doing close to as well. The issue here is another, deterrence. It is the Heavy Storm effect. While Heavy Storm is not banned you will not overextend without protection. You don't need any signs that your opponent has the card in his hand for that, usually you will have no idea, but you will play around it just because it exists. It's a similar case with Ultimate Offering. While Ultimate Offering exists, while facing Gadgets, any backrow card can potentially be flipped and enable an OTK, so whenever a face down card exists you have to keep in mind that you should be able to survive next turn if that is an Ultimate Offering, and thus you have to play around that scenario . If Ultimate Offering was not there it, the lack of the OTK fear would allow players to make the more efficient move, managing to in fact hurt gadgets while it shouldn't.

Heroes have been there for-ridiculous, yet attractive-ever. However they have mostly been there as a stun deck, using more of the Gemini Spark-Alius core instead of a pure Hero core, being more of a stun deck. Gemini Beat was as good as stun was in the format and as good as the stun support it had every time was. This has changed this time around. Bubble hero and low hero beat has to use a small amount of monsters and a big amount of s/t cards, which means that they end up using multiple e-calls, multiple miracle fusions, super polymerizations, hero blasts, a hero lives and others. Especially Alive Hero uses max E-Calls, Miracle Fusions and A hero lives, among others, taking up a big part of the deck with Hero cards. But, while a hero hit this time does sound possible, it should be noted that their success out of the stun field (while they really still stay there) is because of the new Xyz support, and especially the Warrior Xyz support. Perhaps Six Samurai is the only other deck that gives value to the warrior only Xyz monsters, and still with the low success of Six Samurai they don't give that much value to them. For some reason heroes have always been untouchable, and it wouldn't be strange if that continued. If they were to get hurt, disregarding the devaluation of the warrior only Xyz, E- emergency call would be the card to first look at.

Wind-Ups did ok in the OCG (although not as much on premier event level) and very good on the TCG, being a force of unbalance and an FTK-ish deck. We can all see the deck being hit and envision a tough format ahead of us should it not be hit. The question is how. Banning recent cards is unlikely, and Hunter banned will probably not happen, in that case the deck as is is unplayable and its identity would completely change. Is a hit on Rat or Zenmaighty possible? Perhaps it is. You can't help at think what would really change in that case, as a semi-limiting on zenmaighty for example would only mean you'd lose one less card from your hand. Then again that much is significant since wind-ups are somewhat weak after their loop is done if they have not established their dominance by then. Another possible thing is a hit on Magician (can't tell what but certainly not semi-limiting). Wind-ups live without Magician, while in fact only loosing one of their less consistent cards, but then the question is what does that much do. I consider a Tengu repeat unlikely in the exact next format, unless they want to send a message, meaning tour guide and shark probably stays, so the thing I see to be the most probable is a heavy hit on magician or a light hit on either Rat or Zenmaighty.

Finally we reach our prime TCG suspect, Rescue Rabbit. Inzektors and Wind-Ups have both drawn format focus with the entire metagame trying to play around them, but as Rescue Rabbit does not have clear anti-decking cards (for example you can control Wind-ups with Maxx "C" but the options against rabbit are either more spread or less effective) we had decktype choices instead made to play around them, showing holes in the metagame and a strong rock-paper-scissors feel. But here comes the question: How do you hurt a 1 card deck? Because when we are talking about the main deck the irreplaceable is 1 single card, which as a result becomes part of a stun deck. One thing would be to hit Tour Guide. It does address an issue and Tour Guide is not new to being the black sheep (to begin with, making a card with good access to a limited card makes little sense in game planning). If you limit for example the tour guide you give a healthy hit to both Wind-Ups and Rabbit, where they take a hit enough to give them damage as a top deck but still very playable with adjustments. Other hits that stay on the realm of playable is semi-limiting Rescue Rabbit or a lighter one would be to limit Laggia. However, in the end Rescue Rabbit is not really a regular deck but a stun deck with 1 engine in, you can't really make upgrades for it as it is a complete stun, so it wouldn't be weird for Rabbit to take a heavier hit than that for not playing along, as all the Xyz monsters it is using can play elsewere, in the end giving damage only to itself and Evolzars while opening the way in the metagame.

Now that we have the main issues out of the way, let's talk individual cards.
Let's start with a shocker.
Effect Veiler.
Effect Veiler was perhaps the biggest factor giving actual balance in an otherwise all over the place format. We had a bunch of s/t destruction available as well as many completely different decks to look out for, and still because of Effect Veiler we were able to check them all at the same time without flipping a coin. If you'd say the format can be destroyed, then perhaps Veiler saved the format.
But alas, the tale of the little angel is indeed tragic, as to protect our card games it had to carry the sins of us players and commit a great crime...
Triple Veiler was now splashable. It was there regardless of deck and you knew it was there unless we are talking about decks like bubble hero, dark worlds and infernity which couldn't carry it for practical reasons. In fact Inzektor players would add it in their full dark deck and splash in BLS safely because of it (on the one hand it created a comfortable 3:1 ratio, on the other, they could go in a light Xyz instead so same thing). And not only was it splashable, not only could it bring chaos in a Dark deck and aid chaos in others, but it was also a tuner, a tuner you could bring into any deck, making any deck use extra deck space for old synchro monsters.
And it's not that much of an issue when many decks use the same utility card, but when most of them use 3 of the same utility card, it is a big issue. Note that most cards that are common to most decks are unlimited. Only exceptions I can think of now are Pot of Duality and the recently unrestricted Mystical Space Typhoon.
Yes, with Rabbit, Wind-Ups, Inzektors and many OCG OTKs still out, Veiler's services are still much needed and a restricted Veiler would be troublesome in the new format, but honestly, we'll manage, and it's not that important when considering the banlist to begin with.

But speaking of OTKs and MSTs, let's pick up s/t hate. OTKs everywhere in the OCG and all of them carrying 7 cards to kill backrows. 7 is a lot so there is a good chance we will be seeing less of Mystical Space Typhoon and/or Heavy Storm.

At the same time you could predict un-restricts on stun and control cards, like bottomless trap hole, solemn warning, book of moon or even Royal Oppression. However considering that not only would end up aiding inzektors but also the fact the top deck of the TCG is a stun deck, would probably create more issues than it would fix. That being said, Book of Moon is a decent possibility.

Then I'll return to my old argument of DAD and Sangan out, Witch in, as well as BLS and DMoC switch, but that's the same as before and is a risky move. Additionally we may see the Goat era unbans that have been popular for a while now, like Tsukuyomi OR Magician of faith, but other than pleasing the audience it serves little purpose so it still has a low chance. Some results of recent massacres, like the plant or fish multikill or similar things from the synchro era might see some loosening, again with the low surprise chance.

As a last note I will tell you 2 things that won't happen and one that will happen.

First thing that won't happen is that we will not hit all current decks while unrestricting all decks to return to a previous format which was so awesome in your opinion, that is because from a business perspective that is, and excuse my politically incorrect terminology, retarted, since you condemn yourself to selling nothing for 6 months as everyone will work with old saturated product.

Second thing that won't happen is that not all current decks will be completely banned to favour upcoming decktypes. That is because even if you completely banned all current decks, there are enough older decks as well as generic stun decks that are better than, for example, abyss rising decks. You would have to ban all of yugioh to make those new ones into top decks, which is impossible.

One thing that will happen is a surprise. Maybe small, maybe large, just like always, something surprising will happen, so look forward to it or get ready to whine about it afterwards.

That is all, long winded as always, stay realistic, stay composed and do not complain too much after the banlist.

P.S. : I either completely forgot things for this or have made many, many errors. Sorry, was in a hurry since I leave to no-internet land in a few hours, so Ignore them and if they are typos or something, another one with admin powers please fix them.

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PostSubject: Re: Biannual Bitching Festival - Summer 2012   Thu Jul 26, 2012 11:05 am

Shit that was long o-o

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PostSubject: Re: Biannual Bitching Festival - Summer 2012   Thu Jul 26, 2012 3:31 pm

I love it when you make articles, Al.

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Acefire wrote:
Shit that was long o-o
Aw. Someone can't read. Here you go, start learning:

Btw, it was an excellent read Al. Life shall be hell with even 2 Veilers. I must say my opinion is that TCG usually follows the footsteps of the OCG and we usually live to see the terrors that the OCG has already dealt with. Alive HERO will indeed be a problem, and my prediction is that Konami will not touch them (like you said it will be due to sales. the kids love them HEROs...stupid Jaden Yuki....)
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Topic has been bumped for relevancy.

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Well written ^_^
You make valid points, I guess I'll just wait and see what's in store for us.

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Al Bhed wrote:
It's the festive period where twice a year yugioh players sit down, make insane predictions that will never come true neither would they benefit anyone

I hear they're unbanning Harpies Feather Duster and Raigeki as supermegaultrarares.

I hear they're banning the Elemental Hero cards because they're the most popular by far with new players and they'd make a fortune

I hear they're banning the Yubel series because in the anime, Yubel made a cryptic reference to the sex life of one of the mothers of the CEOs working for Konami.

I hear they're banning Stardust Dragon because the guy who voice acted as Yusei, originally, made a public denouncement on the treatment of employees in the "YuGiOh! Chinese Workshop of Card Games and Whipping!"

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Future Fusion
Heavy Storm

Red-eyes Darkness Metal
Inzektor Centipede
Rescue Rabbit
Wind-Up Zenmaity
One Day of Peace
Ultimate Offering

Book of Moon
Pot of Avarice


This is real.




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PostSubject: Re: Biannual Bitching Festival - Summer 2012   Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:29 am

looks fake to me, anyone can forge something like that

What people need to realise is this, every 6 months everyone comes out with their own version of the "official" ban list, it is still 17 days away from september 1 and the earliest they will release the new list is a week before hand, it is the same every damn time, so do yourselves a favour, sit back, enjoy the last 2 weeks of the current format and decks you may be used to and then get ready to edit some cards in your deck or build completely new ones. Leave the ban list to the professionals (aka the people that actually make it)

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PostSubject: Re: Biannual Bitching Festival - Summer 2012   

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Biannual Bitching Festival - Summer 2012
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