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 Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto

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PostSubject: Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto   Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:34 am


"Obviously, there seems to be more going on here, than a simple cause and effect. Still, as Mail Online points out, Russia has the third highest teen suicide rate in the world, behind Belarus and Kazakhstan. Tragic stuff." - Brian Ashcraft (Kotaku)

My momma said dat Naruto is the devil's anime. So let us crack down this case by using logic, facts and critical thinking.

>Teenagers are over emotional creatures that will react based off of emotion

>Teenagers are mostly an ignorant bunch

>Russia has the 3rd highest teen suicide rate in the world

>"An ineffective economy, a semi-Soviet social sphere, a weak democracy, negative demographic trends and an unstable Caucasus. These are very big problems even for a state like Russia," Medevdev wrote in his official blog.

>A terrible economy puts stress on families

>Alcoholism is one of many results of said stress.

>This kid's father, Ivan, could have been an abusive, alcoholic parent.

I know I am missing a ton of info, but even based off of this, we can tell that if a child is harassed at an early age or even in their early teens (the beginning of mental and cognitive development,) the average teenager is more likely to commit suicide than an unemployed adult who has tons of debts. It is very certain that the reason for teen suicide rates being significantly higher than adult suicide rates is because of the adult's cognitive superiority and basic understanding of the world.

I'm glad I dropped Naruto.
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PostSubject: Re: Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto   Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:50 am

While we're at it, his mom could have been forced to use prostitution in the Russian back streets to make ends meet, picking up many STDs (which were transferred to this boy) and drug addictions along the way.

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto   Sat Nov 03, 2012 7:07 am

Pfft. My favorite characters in every anime I watch die all the time, and do I look dead to you? There's too little evidence to prove that it was due to that in the article.

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto   Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:25 am

To be honest, can't feel sorry for him. At least he didn't flash his boobs then get called a slut for it.

Oh, wait...

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto   Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:41 am

Russia's economy is ineffective in comparison to what? Norway? Switzerland? That's an arguement you can make for about 95% of the world.

Of course you cannot blame a far-fetched cause and simplify it into itachi dies->kid commits suicide->naruto at fault, since you wouldn't be looking at it objectively but would be simply "physically" connecting phenomena. Of course there are social factors, which influence one, to a lesser extend in this case (his neighbor probably won't be commiting suicide on account of itachi dying, neither will any kid from any neighboring town be hurting itself to a large extend for any naruto related reason). Mostly it's about the factors in the immediate enviroment of the person, and his mental health. It could be a bad family, it could be a good family in bad circumstances, or it could easily be just first world problems (I don't know the circumstances in this case), since the human mind can be surprisingly fragile for today's man who can be simply a passive receiver of information, or be made into one.

In the end, if a stimuli as small as that can cause an effect of that scale, it could easily be anything else minor to trigger it, from the harsh words of a peer to birds flying weird.
And that applies to not just this case but to any case where the stimuli is something like a tv show, or mainly a video game which is a popular scapegoat. Yes, the idea leading to a certain action is given, but it is so small that it will certainly not push any person with anywhere near ok mental health to an extreme action, and because society cannot be sterilized of all potential stimuli, the appropriate cause which requires attention is the subject's mental health as well as in turn the causes which led to its deterioration.

Not just included but the main point to look into in that case however, are social factors. Indeed, directly they may not be a major influence, but indirectly there are other social factors which shape the immediate environment, which is in turn the major cause and the major influence in one's mental health (that is by considering things like the television part of the immediate enviroment, as the tv set is actually in your home, even if it gives the sense of the nation-wide medium). Of course there are probabilities involved in society shaping an environment which will be shaped in the way that will largely damage the mental health of one, or probably more, of its subjects, probabilities which are still low for such cases thankfully, but they are still the initial occurrence. Instead of having a basic model and say that it is deviation from that model which causes those issues, perhaps one should look into basic things inside the model structure, like the structure of education and how its subject is treated, as well as the way information is handled to shape one's mindset and opinion forcibly through advertising techniques or just propaganda if you will, which after long exposure may (or just will) naturally make one's mind way more susceptible to external stimuli than it should be, and since it not controlled it can snowball into something like this (being too affected by an emotion generated in a work of fiction). Of course one can and should be affected by his enviroment, that is healthy and needed, but to normal extends, where one can still apply proper judgment and logic, as well as process the information received. Instead, if it reaches extremes it begins to damage a person's judgment, or even just extinguish it.

The above applies to all similar cases. Except naruto. If something bad happens and it's naruto-related, blame Sasuke. He promotes dumb pointless emo-ness and is idolized for that, therefore pushing kids to stupid, unreasonable actions. So blame Sasuke, he is emo. And not the cool kind of emo, or ok kind of emo, because everyone can be down at times. No, it's the annoying kind of emo, the "What the hell man, why would you do that, this doesn't make any sense! Why are you even like that all the time?! Just go away, just go cry in a corner where I cannot hear you or see you or am able to pay any kind of attention to you!" kind of emo, he sucks.

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto   Sat Nov 03, 2012 1:27 pm

The kid shouldn't have killed himself.
Big deal. Suicide happens a lot. Maybe if he was in a bad enough condition, maybe he's better off?

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PostSubject: Re: Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto   

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Russian Teen Commits Suicide Over Naruto
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