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 Card of The Week No. 2

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PostSubject: Card of The Week No. 2   Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:51 am

CoTW No.2: Spiritual Wind Art - Myabi

Effect: Tribute 1 WIND monster on your side of the field. Select 1 card on your opponent's side of the field, and return it to the bottom of the owner's Deck.

Today's card I like for several reasons:
1. It is chainable. Makes Heavys and MST less good.
2. It can protect your monsters, just like Gemini Spark: You for example attack into a Dimensional Prison and chain this card. You won't have your monster removed and you can put a card of your opponent under their deck!
3. Harpies and Phantom Beastcraft can both use this card, especially the latter. Wtih massive Token summoning the cost of 1 Wind Monster becomes really small, you always have at least 1 Token on the field to spare for this wonderful card, which makes it even more dangerous: It is removal for everything at no cost, if you imagine, that the Tokens are generated with almost no cost (summoning or attacking) either.
4. It has a lot of really good "brothers", I will have them follow soon.
5. The artwork is really nice.

Overall a decent card to run, although not to many decks can use it to it's full potential since it mostly only is an even and only sometimes generates +1s.

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Card of The Week No. 2
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