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 A couple of manga recommendations by Al-Bhed

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PostSubject: A couple of manga recommendations by Al-Bhed   Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:20 am

We are having an anime overload lately, so why not. But what I'll recommend is not anime, I can't be bothered to remember anything atm. I'll recommend manga because I read a bunch of them. I'll just recommend a few ongoing ones though, and will not mention obvious choices like TWGOK or Gintama or something, you know those.

Übel Blatt

Will say it here, it's certainly 18 plus. Actually, it would be better if are feeling a bit older than that too. It doesn't hold back on its scenes, whether it is violence, gore, sex or whatever (in fact, while some to be honest are there to build the character, it will often seem like too much service).
But that's part of the point, it is that kind of raw medieval-style action, with a deep and interesting world and cast of characters to it.
will warn again though, do not read if you are underaged or easily offended


I think I caught the term harem comedy being brought up lately. Well, if you want to compare this to any other harem comedy, you'd better say you lost your commedy meter and just brought your romance meter, because most likely whatever you brought up is not beating the comedy in this one. Fujimura-kun Meitsu, which I also recommend, makes a valiant effort, but no, not as awesome, sorry. I just wish D-Frag! scanalations would come out more often, it's hilarious and I can't get enough of it...
Not really harem-ish though, because the romance factor is kinda low in comparison, which is nice, it's not needed that much here unless it's to contribute to the comedy.

Sora No Otoshimono

I was not going to bring it up because it has an animation and all, but then I wrote that above and thought "waitwaitwait, awesome harem comedy", so I included it. Yeah, this one is one of the best imo. It may lose the anti-ecchi demographic, since it's heavy on that side and it's a big part of it's comedy, but it's irrelevant. One of the best and funniest manga I've read, one of the exceptions beating D-Frag! there. I'll add that usually, when you get the ecchi action in a manga/anime, you welcome the service but think it's kinda stupid and silly. When Tomoki does it, I pledge my undying respect to the day I die for the true manliness of the action.


Back to more serious stuff. If you don't like walls of text, this one probably isn't for you. But it's smart, it's amazing and it's theme is one of my favourites, cons. Righteous ones if you have moral issues for that one, nevertheless, imo it has the excitement of trickery, which I really value. Warning though, it's very old. I'd prefer it if it updated faster considering its actual status, but it has an adequate pace of scanalations I guess.

Kangoku Gakuen

Last ecchi in the list, Kangoku Gakuen is, well, different. Normally, the focuses of the writing and art would be considered very weird, and you will be weirded out at first, but that's all part of the comedic tension. Ecchi is a huge part here, but don't expect romance to be playing as big a part. This is about dudes (no homo, don't take it the wrong way; in that regard it's in a way similar to Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou, although that's the only similarity between the two) doing not as manly stuff, but still dude stuff. Again it doesn't have the usual silly pervertedness, but rather the righteous pervertedness that was mentioned in Sora no Otoshimono. It's crazy, funny, interesting, sexy and very different.

Shingeki no Kyojin

It is action, with somewhat interesting fights, but if I had to categorize it into one genre, it would be horror. The two mix in a very interesting way here, and that's the point. If you have issues with horror and stuff happening kinda vividly to people, skip this one. You'll be missing out on a great manga though and it would be a shame as it does a great job of keeping you interested and attached to it. The characters are a different story. There are core characters you'll remember and be attached to, but it will throw you too many people at once for you to handle, end result being not keeping track of many of them which is a shame. In a way this is good, because if there is one thing this has in common with Akame ga Kiru! it is not to get too attached to people, you'll miss them.


There are some mmo-related series out there.
.hack was great. A great game that is, (well, many great games, but it's a weird case) because when we talk about the anime of the game instead, they will either keep you confused or uninterested.
On the newest ones, SAO was, well, we discussed what it was. Well, the main reason I always found it difficult to praise SAO was that I am a Yureka fan. It is another MMO related story which I honestly find amazing.
To begin with you understand this is part of an MMO, a proper game, and Yureka takes full advantage of that, as any MMO story should. This refers to the battles, because the point of making an MMO story is the freedom you get with battles. There is an obvious class diversity, meaning you won't be seeing the same thing over and over, there is action, there is strategy and there are players who know wtf they are doing making combat interesting to follow, even between characters you don't particularly support. But the story doesn't stay there because really it's tough to keep a friendly MMO story up for long without turning it into a daily lives documentary. The manhwa is called Yureka, not Lost Saga, and about Yureka it is. Hacking, plots, shady and pretty dangerous business make their way into this interesting plot.
Another thing I love here are the characters. This is action manhwa, not manga, which means you are not getting vanilla (well, not too much at least). They will have motives, they will have desires, they will occasionally be douchebags, they will have flaws, they will be badass and they will be interesting, although if you follow some manhwa you will find a weird kind of stereotype around.
Speaking of manhwa, it can get confusing. You may be getting some information overload or simply have issues with it if you hate using the brainz when reading manga. As for me, I find that interesting as well. I will admit it may get all over the place at times though.
(again, speaking of manhwa, read from left to right)

That's what I want to mention now. I may add later I guess.

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PostSubject: Re: A couple of manga recommendations by Al-Bhed   Tue Jan 29, 2013 3:32 pm

Al-Bhed wrote:
In a way this is good, because if there is one thing this has in common with Akame ga Kiru! it is not to get too attached to people, you'll miss them.

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A couple of manga recommendations by Al-Bhed
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