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 metagame clock

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PostSubject: metagame clock    Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:03 pm

What is a meta call

The meta in meta call is short for metagame. In short a meta call is what you predict to happen or to be played in the upcoming weeks.

But that doesn't explain a whole lot other than what it is. It does not explain WHY it is used at all

The basic premise of a Meta call assumes 1 underlying factor: There is only one way to run a specific build of a deck. Well not exactly as bland as that statement would have you believe, but rather only one correct way to do so that will positive results in a majority of areas. Different builds are treated as separate decks entirely. Granted this leaves room for much error, since different builds may be so strong that they function as virtually identical. But for the purpose of consistency we shall assume there is only one correct way to build a deck.

While there may be only one correct way to construct a deck, we now have to ask ourselves, what does a meta call do now that we know this? It is the basic principle that allows for variation within a deck’s construction. Usually this applies to side deck construction, and deck choice in an upcoming format.

To perform your own meta calls, you must first ask yourself what was being played in the last major event, and you must do this for everyone. (The top 32 is usually a good average to start with) Then you must ask yourself if this is expected to change or rather can you do well by doing something different. If yes, prepare accordingly. if no keep on trucking I guess.

But alas this concept is not perfect. Format prediction is NEVER an exact science. New cards are released, and ban lists do happen. So usually this practice is limited to the next event or so. It is NEVER done after a banlist change and usually isn't done after a set release.

Furthermore how do you know what is going to be good after an event happens?

I present the meta game clock.

What is the meta game clock?

The metagame clock is a systematic way of determining bad matchups, and a mildly accurate tool in format prediction. It assumes that every deck likes to gain advantage in one form or another. It is between these interactions that differences lie. Each archetype plays differently, and as such should be treated differently when making card choices, and game play choices.

Aggro: The Brute :53

Aggro decks want to do as much damage in as short of a time as possible. This often leads those burning out if not prepared for the long game. Not to be confused with combo since they can’t go “Oops I win”
Loses to midrange and combo
Wins against aggro-control and control

Midrange: The Patient: 7

Midrange decks are characterized by their ability to hose Aggro decks using hard reset buttons, disruption, and an early game stall. In Yugioh this curve means a deck will be able to have played each and every turn, each impacting the game more than the last.

Combo: The Bomb: 20

Combo decks say “Oh I have this this and this? Ok gg.” Usually this means a direct attack on the opponent, but not always.
Loses to control and aggro control
Wins against midrange and aggro

Control: The Freak: 30

Control decks like to preserve an empty board and then like to win in a short amount of time with highly evasive or large threats. People often confuse midrange with control. The difference is control HATES things on its board as it has a difficult time dealing with permanents that have successfully made it there.
Loses to AC and Aggro
Wins against Midrange and Combo

Aggro-Control: The Responder: +-40

AC decks feature both threats and answers. The often time also feature on turn permanent destruction. As the control elements lessen, they move towards beat down. As control elements increase they move towards control. People often time confused midrange with AC. AC produces threats that require answering, Midrange consists of mostly answers.
Loses to aggro and Midrange
Wins Against Control and Combo

As you can see there is a pattern to this: you lose clockwise, you win counter-clockwise
To use, simply line up the decks being played on the clock, and then advance your position.

How do you know where your deck lies on the metagame clock?

Well because I’m a nice guy I’ll provide an incomplete short list
The basis list assumes Wind-ups are at :20 and Guide rabbit is at :30, then it go from there by determining what the deck does mid game, and basic matchup proficiency. Since Opda and I are only mortal, if you can provide documentation of your matchup analysis we will change the positions after confirmation by other players. Please note we are not perfect, and we know we’re not %100 with this, but we’re trying as players to better ourselves, and by extension the community.

We have way too many decks to say the teir list is set in stone.
'clock positions ':
What can you infer from this article?

Well to be frank?

1) Running random techs in decks is bad, save them for your side
2) Don’t try to beat everything in your side deck. It simply doesn’t work.
3) Decks aren’t always solid choices
4) A deck's viability can change multiple times during a format, so keep an eye out on the tournament reports
5) Petition Konami to release the deck lists of events. Like I’m not kidding, it benefits you more than it hurts. Just change up your deck so people don’t catch onto your secrets if you’re that anal about people seeing your deck list.
6) No established deck is inherently bad or broken, your deck just has a (good/bad) match-up against other decks. (This is only applied in a rotating format like what we have now)

re post by wolfie to make progress on a community he feels is smarter
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PostSubject: Re: metagame clock    Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:30 pm

Well I've only played Yu-gi-oh for about a month so I don't know everything but I somewhat understand this and from the clock positions I play Aggro style.

Mermail/Atlanteans :53

Aggro: The Brute :53

Aggro decks want to do as much damage in as short of a time as possible. This often leads those burning out if not prepared for the long game. Not to be confused with combo since they can’t go “Oops I win”
Loses to midrange and combo
Wins against aggro-control and control
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metagame clock
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