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 March 1 2013 - September 1 2013 Format (New decks, new meta, the future of it..)

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PostSubject: March 1 2013 - September 1 2013 Format (New decks, new meta, the future of it..)   Thu Mar 14, 2013 6:42 am

So, with the March 1st banlist in effect for a couple weeks, it is time to talk about it as of now. First off, let us look at the banlist.
Wind-Up Zenmaity

For Sangan, I felt it is about time something is done to it. It just set up too many plays in too many decks, making it one of the most versatile cards in the game. Decks that it really helped in my opinion were decks that had a lot of 1500 or atk less monsters.

Zenmaity... I felt it could have stayed at one, with other Wind-Up cards being hit instead of it. I mean it took a big hit already from being at 3 to being put to 1, but I see where Konami is coming with this, but since many other Wind-Up cards were hit, I don't agree.

Wind-Up Magician
One Day of Peace
Solemn Warning

Wind-Up Magician had to be hit, I feel. But with Zenmaity also banned, I don't think it should have went to one. But this is just my opinion.

One Day of Peace I don't see why it was hit. Didn't seem like too much of a problem to me.

Solemn Warning, putting it at 1, dosen't really do anything. I mean, if you are going to do something, ban it.

Thunder-King Rai-Oh
Advanced Ritual Art

For Tsukuyomi being put to 2, I don't really have anything to say. I mean, it is a decent card, and I haven't seen it been played that much even last format, so I don't think it mattered to put it to 2.

Rai-Oh to 2 dosen't really change Rai-Oh. I mean you still draw it often.

Advanced Ritual Art being put to 2 kind of brings Ritual Decks back, as I have seen. A smart move by Konami I feel, as Rituals were being seen less and less. Good job for it at 2.

Blackwing - Kalut
Lightsworn Lumina
Shien's Smoke Signal
Mind Crush

For Spore, being put to 3, is a huge deal. It brings back some plant decks, as we have Debris and Lonefire also, with Lightsworns for a good combo.

Kalut to 3 kind of gives BW some more support, although not much.

Lumina to 3 can really impact Lightsworns as I have seen this format so far.

Smoke Signal to 3... I feel Samurais needed something back, but I don't think putting it to 3 was smart. Maybe 2... Because now Samurais can go off.

Mind Crush to 3, it hasn't seen a lot of play at all in my opinion. Some DW decks use it, and it is a viable card, but...

Now for stuff that should have been hit...
Cards in Heroes like Miracle Fusion, or The Shining/Alius maybe. For Mermails anything.

As for the decks that have seen a lot of play this format:
Rabbit, Dark World, Lightsworn, Fire Fists, Mermails

And for decks that haven't:
Heroes, Plants, Quickdraw, Blackwings...

The new archetype Elemental Dragons is hindering Yugioh this format on DN. So many people are running them, and it is a good deck... But I feel Konami overpowered them.

For the future of the format... I feel Dark World, Fire Fist, and Mermails will be the top 3 TCG decks in YCS and on DN. I feel those decks will top. As for Rabbit, they will be close behind. But, I feel Heroes will make a come back and be played often, as for X-Sabers, as they can be a force to be reckoned with this format..

So here is my article about this format. If you want me to explain anything more, or add things, just tell me. I want feedback! smile
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March 1 2013 - September 1 2013 Format (New decks, new meta, the future of it..)
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