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 Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Juri Han

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PostSubject: Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Juri Han   Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:33 pm

In the S.I.N. laboratory, Juri undergoes an operation on her eye. She gains the Feng Shui Engine, which gives her incredible ki, speed and power. It is revealed that Juri was a prominent practitioner of Taekwondo when she was 15. Her father was a lawyer in charge of prosecuting organized crime operations. In this capacity, Shadoloo was his next target, causing her family to be kidnapped by that very organization. During the ordeal, Juri lost her parents, and her left eye was gravely wounded.

Juri is a character with the ability to land killer damage in a flash or zone the opponent out for long periods at a time. She also has a great toolset with two solid normal anti-airs, great range on her cancelable normals, multiple juggle options, and a dive kick that can be used in three jump directions without EX.

Her weaknesses include her slow ground speed, which weakens her throw game. She also has a very slow overhead without much range, and her close poking combos do low damage. She desperately needs to store fireballs to be a threat with damage or spacing and it can be very difficult to hold onto fireball charges while fighting.

LK=Light Kick
MK=Medium Kick
HK=Hard Kick

Special Moves:

Kasatushi(Counter): Down-DownLeft-Left-Punch (Any Punch)
Her basic counter for any move and she can also use EX Kasatushi in which the speed is faster and you can guide Juri into any direction you want.

Fuhajin(Fireball Kick): Down-DownRight-Right-Kick (Any Kick)(You can hold down kick to store a fireball for later)
Her projectile move which is basically her main move and will be best if you learn how to use this move effectively first. LK will shoot her fireball on the ground, MK will shoot her fireball in front of her, HK will send her fireball to the sky. EX Fuhajin shoots out two fireballs and you cannot store EX Fuhajin.

Senpusha(Pinwheel Kick): Down-DownLeft-Left-Kick
This move is what you want to end most of your combos with. Using LK means it will not do much damage and your opponent will still be standing but this move is hard to punish for characters who are slow. MK and HK both are slower and send your opponent flying back but if the opponent blocks they can punish you bad. EX Senpusha is also dangerous if your opponent blocks but if he tries to attack instead you'll beat him out since you have a few frames where you can't be hit. EX Senpusha also makes you able to take no damage by fireballs.

Shikusen(Dive Kick): (In Air) Down-DownLeft-Left-Kick (Any Kick)(Keep Pressing Kick)
My favorite move and it's a good one. It is the quickest way to get to your opponent and is safe from counter-attacks. How far she goes depends on the kick. LK has the steepest angle and she will not travel far. MK brings her a good bit of distance and HK will take her across the whole screen. When your first kick hits keep pressing kick to continue the combo. EX Shikusen will bounce your opponent off the side of the screen and is good for setting up combos.


Fuharenjin: Down-DownLeft-Left-Down-DownLeft-Left-Kick (Any Kick)
Her super in which she kicks fireballs everywhere in a combo. LK will make her stand in place and do her super. MK has her move a bit forward and do her super. HK has her take a step back and do her super. The reason for this button-based movement is because Juri's super has trouble landing against cornered opponents, so you'll want to use the HK if the opponent has their back to the wall.


(Ultra 1)Feng Shui Engine: Down-DownRight-Right-Down-DownRight-Right-Punch (All 3 At Once)
It basically powers her moves for a period of time. She also becomes faster.

(Ultra 2)Kaisen Dankairaku: Down-DownRight-Right-Down-DownRight-Right-Kick (All 3 At Once)
This is the ultra you can end your combo to. She kicks up towards the air and sends her opponent flying down. She down quickly lands and kicks you in the back while your falling and forces you to a stop. She taunts you as she smashes you into the ground...ending her Ultra.


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Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition - Juri Han
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