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 Skyrim Stories

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PostSubject: Skyrim Stories   Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:09 pm

Skyrim Stories is a simple idea we just write our adventures in Skyrim.

1)I think it should be that every story is basically a quest we take in the game.

2)Every story is going to be in writing center as a stand alone topic (Comments allowed).

3)None of our characters intertwine with each other (Makes it easier to explain certain things).

4)Any version of Skyrim is allowed so you can have vanilla or modded.

5)Stories go on as long as you want (If it is a big quest you can break it into parts).

6)Any difficulty you want (Except Novice...you pansy).

7)Bad writing is excepted as long as you don't misspell everything.

8)Finally...you must have an origin story (How you end up captured in the beginning) and ending story (If you ever quit)

Any suggestions is welcomed!
Also...if you don't have Skyrim I guess any Elder Scrolls game will work (You just can't call it a Skyrim Story).


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Skyrim Stories
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