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 Fate/stay night remake discussion thread

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PostSubject: Fate/stay night remake discussion thread   Fri Sep 06, 2013 7:10 pm

So yeah i thought i'd make this for the few fate fans.

UFOtable after the success of Fate/Zero are now making an adaption of the original visual novel Fate/Stay Night which will hopefully be here some time next year.

I'm going to mention this small part just for al, it has not been announced that it is in fact meant to exactly be a sequel to Fate/Zero.
Though it is made by the same people and will follow the story, so you be the judge.

The story for those who don't know already follows the adopted son of Emiya Kiritsugu in the corrupt war for the grail, it has a few returning characters from the Fate/Zero story line like Saber/Arturia Pendragon and the previous archer, Gilgamesh and last but not least, the fake priest, Kotomine Kirei.
Well actually it also has Matou Zouken and Tohsaka rin and Matou Sakura, but those were more or less pretty minor in /Zero.

Now for the actual route it's following, i must say no one was really surprised that it would be this route considering that it is the most suitable to follow up on Fate/Zero and is so far the only one without an attempted adaption.

Heaven's Feel is the oddball-ish route in the visual novel and has a nice contrast to the other story lines, and even though i said it is the best to follow Fate/Zero that is more by tone than anything else really, even compared to Fate/Zero this is still not really similar in execution.

The most recent version of the visual novel's op for the route.
Maybe an indicator to what to expect.

i will admit i personally really like this route, though i was a bit against the idea of making it only this route, still kinda am but less now.
The route of course has problems of its own along with problems in adaption which will probably lead to changes in it while keeping the overall direction of it and what it actually was for the most part.

Considering the job UFOtable's done on Fate/Zero i shouldn't be doubting how good of a job they'll do on this too much, and i think it will in fact be good but i'm wondering more to what they'll do and what you guys think they'll do and what do we believe would be actually better to do.

I'm a bit worried about certain parts, mainly i would say shirou's inner monologue in the visual novel and how that'll translate to the anime adaption, i'm thinking they might discard it but i feel it plays a big part in the telling of the story and the general development of shirou which is especially a big part of this route so i just don't know for now.

Also another concern that was on my mine was the ending, as people who played the visual novel know, HF's route had 2 different endings that were each good in their own perspective. Now the problem comes to which.

Personally i'm finding it hard to choose but i'm leaning towards the normal ending more than the "true" ending, as much as i like the details the true ending had that the normal ending missed like the last face off and a certain person's last words, i still just really preferred the direction of the normal ending and felt it was more conclusive and paramount and really ended the story well and will be an overall good ending to UFOtable's Fate adaption run, unless they actually want to make Fate/Hollow Ataraxia..
they could always just merge both and have the ultimate ending to it.

FATE route didn't have a 2nd ending but UBW had a true ending adaption if that's anything to judge by.

Also as a final note, i've went to look for the actual new saying that it was finally confirmed to be a heaven's feel adaption and found that it was apparently said to be only focused on heaven's feel, wording it in a way that would elude to what i was saying yesterday about them incorporating other routes into this because of the things that'd be missing from adapting heaven's feel on its own along with a few other problems like pacing for example in the beginning of the route and the lack of servants, but that's just a big over speculation based on the company's apparent choice of words so don't take it too seriously.

so tell me fellow.. few fate fans, what do you think about this adaption and what are your opinions on the route and ending?

i'll just randomly leave this here



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Fate/stay night remake discussion thread
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