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 Capcom In Some Trouble

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PostSubject: Capcom In Some Trouble   Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:35 am

Was going to put this in Gaming but this has more to do with a company and business so I put it here.

Capcom Has Only $152 Mil in the Bank (According to GameIndustry) and for us that is a lot of money but for Capcom that is very little. Making games on a company scale costs a lot of money and $152 Mil is not much. How bad is it? Nintendo, another big gaming company has made roughly more than this in about 3 months alone.

Capcom will try to get out of this with *sigh* more DLC. DLC is fine and all but Capcom is not one that we look forward to when it comes to DLC since their DLC is basically already on the disc itself you just can't get it yet. It also means that it's going to get worse. They have already done on-disc DLC and if they don't have much money in the bank who knows what else they will try to do?

This gives me a mix of feelings, I love the games Capcom puts out but hate how they run as a company. I mainly play Street Fighter and so far they haven't really bullshitted us. So now we gotta wonder what will happen if Capcom goes? It is always sad to see a company go (Yes, even Capcom) but it won't all be sad. Capcom has HUGE games under them (Street Fighter and Megaman just to name some) and people could make a lot of money from them so those games will still be around if Capcom disappears just under someone else. There is more risk of the newer games or least popular games under Capcom that might have a cult following but might not get bought by another company.

What do you think? Obviously some of you will be happy when Capcom disappears (If they disappear) but what about they games? We might finally get a new Megaman we've been wanting. Feel free to post what you feel.


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PostSubject: Re: Capcom In Some Trouble   Thu Sep 12, 2013 11:38 am

The quality of a game is dependent on the team working on it and the funds available to them. The decisions relating to those franchises was up to Capcom. When it comes to those decisions, they have been one of the worst publishers out there if not the worst in the way they've been treating their franchises, practically giving the finger to their fanbases left and right consistently, so I really have no comment on it, it was a natural outcome. I'm not exactly happy about this, they have plenty franchises I used to love, but when 90% of your decisions are related to maximizing your short term cashing in, it's obvious you'd be destroying your trust and therefore your long term ability to survive in the business.

I'm not an expert in this, but Capcom probably won't go bankrupt from just that. They have enough intellectual property tied to them which they can actually use properly if they get their shit together, or of course try to abuse for some quick cash like always, and of course I wouldn't be happy if they went bankrupt anyways, that's a big publisher gone, that's people losing their jobs, that's the possibility some games stay in limbo. But you know what, if it does happen, there's actually some good news in this. If the publisher does go bankrupt, their franchises are auctioned to other publishers (same way it happened with THQ franchises), so their franchises can come out of Capcom's torture basement and actually be utilized by people who actually want to make video games, and the talented teams that are still left in Capcom will have an opportunity to work under a publisher who does not rival Zynga in gaming sense.

As for megaman, I just can't see them doing it on their own, Inafune was consistently refused to work on it until he left Capcom, I'm sure they'd have done it many years back instead of cancelling ongoing projects if they were going to. And hey, Inafune actually started a megaman style game, Mighty no.9 (can't be megaman because he is the oldest guy in capcom's torture basement by now obviously), which I am sure is going to be better than any megaman game that capcom can possibly make at this stage. Heck, considering that mighty no.9 has already raised 2 millions in the 10 days it's been on kickstarter, there's the chance capcom will smell money and try to actually use the franchise, but again, would you trust capcom with a game or people who actually want to make it?

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PostSubject: Re: Capcom In Some Trouble   Fri Sep 13, 2013 10:06 am

I don't think Capcom will bankrupt themselves, but I think they'll continually dig themselves the SquareEnix hole were their idea of fixing problems is shooting more people in the foot. I used to love Capcom games, I really did, but at this point I really think they need to be washed out to make room for the new. I don't think it will happen that way, but I would like it to. I'm pretty extreme when it comes to who I give my money, and I haven't bought a Capcom game in years on principle, not because I hate what they come out with but because I hate their practices and I won't encourage their growth or bullshit. If they die their IPs will be sold off and maybe a company actually worth investing into, whether it be as good, better or not as good of a game will come along and make me care again... but I haven't for quite some time.

Capcom has nothing to do with us getting a Megaman worth a crap. As Al-Bhed said, we're getting the Mighty No. 9, created by Keiji Inafune, whom made the Megaman games so great. Capcom has for the longest time been fine to let creative people go, that programmers are a dime a dozen. That's fine and all, but I've always loved Keiji's game, not Capcom's game. THIS is the game I've been asking for, as soon as Keiji left and Capcom had nothing to say about it, I was no longer interested in what sort of Megaman Capcom felt it could give me, nor are they ready to prove me wrong. Megaman 9 was amazing. Megaman 10 was average and was made during conflict with Capcom and Keiji. Everything after that has been cancelled now that they're without them.

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Baby Turtle
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PostSubject: Re: Capcom In Some Trouble   Mon Sep 16, 2013 9:36 am

Sorry that I'm sort of necroposting, but I've been wanting to give an opinion on this all week. After hearing about Mighty No. 9, lightbulbs and fireworks lit up and rocked my world. I feel that the same should be done for Resident Evil at the very least. I feel that Capcom will go out of business within the next 2-3 years if they do not innovate and take a risk. They lost $1 billion dollars from the fiscal year in 2011-2012 and look at them now. Their last chance is to give into what the consumers want: new shit. I too loved Street Fighter, Megaman and Resident Evil just to name the biggest titles under them. I'm very glad Mighty No. 9 is being created without Capcom, it should be a wake up call if anything.

I haven't bought a Capcom game since RE5. I thought the game was mildly pathetic and seeing how much they were being slammed by critics around that time and even know keeps me from even giving them a second chance. I will restate what I think, they should never touch their games again with the exception of Street Fighter (well because its one of the most popular fighting games of all time--its and eSport now, you can't go wrong with it.) Personally I think they should down size on the administration side and sell out to someone else to adopt their biggest titles.

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PostSubject: Re: Capcom In Some Trouble   

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Capcom In Some Trouble
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