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 The Ultra Juri Han Update

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PostSubject: The Ultra Juri Han Update   Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:40 pm

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is coming with many changes to all the characters and since Juri Han is my main and I did a whole topic on Juri Han (Which can be found HERE) so I might as well talk about the update. Here is a list and a video of the updates Juri Han is going through in USF4.


- Ultra 2 is improved. Hit box expanded forward to make it easier to combo.

- It's possible her standing normals can chain/link(?) into her sweep now.

- Toward + Medium Kick is now airborne from the first frame.

- Jump Heavy Punch no longer knocks down.

- Level 2 Focus Attack, Toward Jump Medium Punch into Jump Heavy Punch connects.

- Far Standing Light Kick is now 4f.

- Crouching Medium Kick is now 5f.

- Far Standing Heavy Kick is airborne from the 3rd frame now (used to be 6th frame).

- Standing Light Punch hitbox has been expanded downward, possibly letting her hit crouching opponents?

- EX Pinwheel Kick is now invincible up to 7f.

- Level 2 Focus Attack, backdash, Jump forward HP connects.

- Far Medium Punch can now be cancelled.

- Ultra 1 invicibility frames (on activation) reduced, from 1~4f to 1~2f. Duration on Ultra reduced from 900f to 700f.

- Crouching Light Kick->Crouching Light Kick->Crouching Medium Kick is now possible.

- While in Feng Shui Engine mode, startup of both Close Standing Medium Kick and Close Standing Medium Punch has been changed to be the same as in her regular mode.

- Crouching Medium Kick recovery reduced to 16f (used to be 17f).

- EX Pinwheel Kick is now -15f on block (used to be -14f).


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The Ultra Juri Han Update
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