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 FGN: R.I.P Nelson "Remix" Reyes

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PostSubject: FGN: R.I.P Nelson "Remix" Reyes   Tue Dec 24, 2013 4:56 pm

FGN sends it's condolences out to Remix's family, and loved ones.

Nelson 'Remix' Reyes of Empire Arcadia Passes Away

It is a very sad day today. Nelson "Remix" Reyes of Empire Arcadia has passed away from what sources are saying was a seizure. Nelson was 28 years old. It is very sad and Remix will be missed. He was great on the mic and great on any game he played.

Daigo Parry The Book

Glenn Cravens, better known in the community as the man behind GYT (Get Your Tournament) has a new book in the works about the most famous moment in competitive gaming history, Daigo Umehara's parry against Justin Wong. The book is set to be released on March 2014, although the date is subject to change. It will follow the journey toward EVO moment #37, chronicling the 2004 Evolution Fighting Game World Championships, and the sudden rise of popularity of Street Fighter 3 Third Strike in the United States.

Never seen the parry? Here you go.

That's all for today's FGN. Don't forget to see tomorrow's FGN. R.I.P Remix you wil be missed.


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FGN: R.I.P Nelson "Remix" Reyes
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