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 FGN: A Close Look At Rosalina

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PostSubject: FGN: A Close Look At Rosalina   Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:29 pm

I want to take a close look at Rosalina alright.

A Close Look At Rosalina Can Do

IGN gave the internet interesting things that Rosalina can pull off. Rosalina has the ability to pull in / deflect items and projectiles using one of her special moves, can hit juggle combos in conjunction with Luma, and her meteor smash comes in the form of an energy ring that is generated beneath her.

Sako's Thoughts On Ultra Street Fighter 4

Famitsu recently conducted a very in-depth interview with the Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012 Capcom Cup champion, HORI|Sako. There are a slew of different subjects discussed here, but some of the most interesting bits come from the portion about Ultra Street Fighter 4.

Getting right to it, when asked about his current impressions of the SF4 series update, the champ said that he'd like to see the development team make more upward adjustments, as opposed to simply weakening the strong characters. He recommends dropping the overall health of characters in the game so that matches won't drag on.

"When the character you use is weakened, the number of things you can do decreases. It’s disappointing when you can do what you’ve been practicing, until now. On the other hand, while increasing the number of things a character can do is difficult, the game definitely becomes more interesting, so I want more upward adjustments than the current version," Sako said. "Maybe lowering the overall health so that a single combo does a lot of damage like in the original SFIV. If health is barely decreasing the match becomes drawn out and boring. But if one combo does a lot of damage, I think it becomes refreshing to both play and watch."

When asked about the new delayed wake up mechanic, Sako says that okizeme becomes more difficult to use, so an increase in damage is imperative in order to avoid having slow matches.

"Wake-up offense becomes more difficult to do, so unless you increase the damage, the number of slow matches will increase. Until now, there was the pressure of taking a single knock down then having to deal with wake-up offense, but if there isn’t much damage, then it encourages sloppy play. “It’s alright if I eat this.” For example, in Street Fighter II, if you landed a 3-hit combo from a jump-in then it was a winning situation for any character. The combo damage was that high, so you tried to drop the opponent with a Shoryuken and also develop a zoning game with Hadoken."

"I also think that if there is Delayed Standing, the chance of a beginner beating a veteran decreases," Sako elaborated. "Until now, if you knew your wake-up offense, you could defeat your opponent, even if they were an expert. If that’s gone then you absolutely won’t be able to win. I think they should do something like forcing normal standing after a throw, or if they want to get rid of wake-up offense, reduce the frame advantage of landing a throw and speed up the game tempo."

Moving on to discuss another new Ultra Street Fighter 4 game mechanic, Red Focus, Sako feels that a Red Focus Attack Dash Cancel should not use up four stocks of super meter. He recommends that only three bars be required to pull off this maneuver.

"There’s little reason to spend 4 bars to cancel into Red Focus, so if possible make it 3. With 4 bars stored you can use a Super Combo, so I think having the option burn 3 would be nice. 3 bars wouldn’t be too strong and would make the game more interesting."

Capcom's Tomoaki Ayano joined Sako for the latter half of this interview, and he states that the development team is currently looking into possibly making Red Focus cost only three stocks of meter.

"We’ve currently looking into whether it should cost 4 bars or 3 bars," said Ayano. "To the point that there’s tension on the development team between those in favor of 4 bars and those in favor if 3 (laughs)."

Lastly, when talking about online training mode, Ayano mentions that they have a "secret weapon" in training mode that is sure to please Sako.

"I can’t say anything yet, but we have a secret weapon for training mode that will keep sako from leaving the house."

That's all for FGN today! Have fun and...stop with the stares guys you're making Rosalina nervous.


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PostSubject: Re: FGN: A Close Look At Rosalina   Wed Jan 01, 2014 2:32 pm

Well training mode seems like it'll be a surprise, maybe.

Not much else to say, no idea if I'll get smash, but if I do I'll try out Ros.

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FGN: A Close Look At Rosalina
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