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 FGN: Fifth Character Mystery

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PostSubject: FGN: Fifth Character Mystery   Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:34 pm

I'm late T_T

Ultra Street Fighter 4's Fifth Character Appears In The Street Fighter Comic Books

Since Ultra Street Fighter 4's initial announcement, there has been wide speculation as to who the mysterious fifth character may be. Capcom has dropped several hints pertaining to the newcomer's identity, the most of recent of which divulging that she is indeed female.

Siliconera was recently given a fresh hint that this character can actually be found in the Street Fighter comic book series.

Below is everything we know so far.

- It is a Capcom character.

- It isn’t Asura or Bad Box Art Mega Man.

- Ultra Street Fighter IV will mark this character’s fighting game debut.

- It is a character that isn’t on anyone’s radar.

- The character will be a perfect fit for the Street Fighter universe.

- The character is a female.

- She is in the Street Fighter comics.

Short FGN today, nothing interesting, I'm late, I'm sorry! Goodbye.


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FGN: Fifth Character Mystery
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