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 FGN: New Tekken Movie!?

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PostSubject: FGN: New Tekken Movie!?   Thu Jan 16, 2014 12:59 pm

Haven't made a FGN in awhile, blame it on school life.

EVO 2013 Champion Xian Talks About Good Defense In Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012

The EVO 2013 champion, DM|Xian, has started posting entries over on his blog that are aimed at helping players improve in fighting games. To make things a bit simpler, Xian uses this entry to talk about defense in Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition v2012.

Xian mentions in the blog that when giving advice on defense, the average player will often give the following answers:

• You need to block properly.

• You need to use 4 button throw tech.

• You need to utilize more back-dashes.

• You need to mash jab, and just block.

• Stop going for reversals so often, just block.

• It's a vortex character. You played well, but you lost to the character.

• Start using delayed wakeup.

The champ says that these are actually all correct, however, they must be used at the appropriate time in a match.

To elaborate on these, Xian uses a conversation he had with a friend who is struggling with the Ibuki match up. Talking specifically about Ibuki's kunai vortex, one of the later portions of the blog analyzes a situation where you'd focus the kunai, and get hit by a sweep.

This excerpt, talks about how you would go about countering that.


Wow! It works, however, he is able to punish my focus attack with a sweep and repeats it over again.


He is actually committing himself to the sweep, because sweep itself is very hard to link unless the kunai is really meaty. With this information you can already see that he is not going to get a full combo, no matter if the kunai is blocked or is hitting you.

There is also another way you can deal with this: hold on to your focus attack. Then delay your back-dash heavily, making use of the back-dash invincible frames to avoid the sweep from Ibuki (not advisable for mid level players due to strict execution).

Visit Xian's blog "Xian's Academy" for more helpful tips.

Yoshinori Ono Wants To Make "Something New" This Year

Earlier this month, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono took to Twitter in order to drop a couple of hints, in traditional Ono fashion.

In the first tweet, Ono states that he is beginning his first day of work for the year at Capcom Japan. He mentions that he'd like to work on "something new" this year, adding his famous ":p" face to it.

Also, he sent out a different tweet assuring fans that he will continue to work for the fighting game community throughout the year.

Ono is scheduled to appear at the Taipei Game Show later this month, and will be putting on a stage event. Perhaps we'll find out if we'll be getting something fighting game related from Capcom this year, other than Ultra Street Fighter 4.

New Tekken Film Is In The Works

The last time we witnessed a live-action Tekken film hit the big screen was back in 2010. According to Japanese film website, Cinema Today, another Tekken movie is currently in the works.

Not much has been divulged on this new project, but what we do know is that it will actually be a prequel to the last film. The official title is, "Tekken: A Man Called X," and is being directed by Prachya Pinkaew, who also worked on such films as Ong-Bak and The Protector.

Additionally, the star of the flick is set to be Kane Kosugi, who also played Ryu Hyabusa in the live-action Dead or Alive feature.

Hopefully this film fairs a bit better than its predecessor, and retains some of the crazy martial arts action that the Ong-Bak movies are known for.

That's all the FGN for today! Come back for more FGN! "Insert Something Important Here"


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FGN: New Tekken Movie!?
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