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 FGN: New Smash Character!? Kokonoe Banned!?

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PostSubject: FGN: New Smash Character!? Kokonoe Banned!?   Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:36 pm

Another character just might get put on the shelf.

Palutena Could Be A Playable Character

So this is just a rumor so take this with a grain of salt. Earlier today, two screenshots were leaked onto online Smash Bros. forums, and they have been dissected non-stop ever since.

You might notice in the second picture that Palutena has a power star from Mario attached to her belt, lending even more credence to this being a new model made for Nintendo's all-star crossover fight fest.

Kokonoe Could Be Banned From Tournaments

Kokonoe is very strong, no one can or is denying that. But is she so strong that she should be banned? Well, people like TS|Nerd Josh think so.

To give the fighting game community an idea of just how lethal she can be, TS|Nerd Josh reported some of the traits that she is equipped with that he feels should result in her being banned. According to Josh, Kokonoe has an infinite block string, deals 20% more damage with bread and butter combos than the rest of the cast, has setups that are inescapable by some of the roster, and much more. Nerd Josh actually mains Kokonoe, and still feels she is need of a ban from tournament play.

Additionally, an avid Blazblue player and streamer by the name of Jyosua also chimed in and listed even more of Kokonoe's strengths. An unblockable super, amazing hit boxes on all normals, and high damaging corner carry combos are only a fraction of the traits pointed out here.

Jyosua also feels that Kokonoe must be exiled from competitive play, and announced that she will indeed be officially banned from the bi-weekly Rebel Up event at Super Arcade. Jyosua has reached out to the heads of Level Up in hopes to also get her banned at the weekly event, The Runback.

CEO tournament organizer Alex Jebailey recently created a poll to gauge whether or not the masses feel this character should be omitted from tournament play. Below are a couple of charts with recent results from this poll.

That's all the FGN for today! More FGN will be out in the future!


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FGN: New Smash Character!? Kokonoe Banned!?
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