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 Overanalyzing Evangelion

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PostSubject: Overanalyzing Evangelion   Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:33 am


Maybe this isn't such a great idea to be honest, but i thought it'd be interesting to see what some of you(mostly danna.. possibly al too) would think about the random thoughts about evangelion i had when i was supposedly studying.

And no i don't normally think about it, it's just that i talked about it with danna a bit earlier and it got stuck in my head.

So, to finally get to the point.

Btw, everything i mention in general is directed at the original series and that alone, i'll mention the movies but each on their own after my talk about the original.

After thinking about what danna said about how all the main characters of evangelion are supposedly parts on anno himself, i came to the conclusion that the whole world of evangelion is supposed actually be... anno himself.

And by that i mean it's pretty much his representation of what's going on inside his head, and all the characters are a part of his mind and work as such.

And so i came to deduce what most things in evangelion are actually meant to represent in anno's mind, i might be completely off about this entirely but that's even more of a reason to write it down and see what you think.

So to start off with the world itself, like i said it's supposed to be anno's mind and so it's state would represent his state. And what do we know about the world? the world has gone through 2 major impacts, caused by "angels", and is currently being attacked by angels again which will possibly cause the 3rd and final impact.

The way i saw this was that these 2 major impacts were probably representations of 2 major events that deeply affected anno in a bad way and probably depressed, and by that the angels are meant to be the threat to his mind, basically the things that can cause him to be depressed and such. The 3rd impact being the last one probably means that one more major strike on his mentality would be the end of him.

With that now out of the way i can go on to try and explain the actual characters of the series.

So let's start with Shinji i guess, mc goes first?
So what is shinji in anno's mind? Well the thing i think shinji might be supposed to represent is the part of anno that's supposed to fend off the depression, the part of him that is pretty much supposed to "deal with it" which we can see... shinji isn't very good at, representing how anno is depressed and obviously didn't actually deal with it. Or that's how i saw it.

I might have started with shinji but i'll probably have to bring him up on most the other character theories so don't worry about missing him :D

Now to move to his father, gendo. What i believe gendo is supposed to actually be.. is the inner thoughts of anno. It's the part that's in the background and isn't straightforward but the one that's relatively ambiguous about what it really wants and the one ordering all the others around and the one that decided that shinji is the part that needs to deal with it, showing shinji as probably a mini version of the inner thoughts or more like a product of it that he doesn't really admit to as part of it. or something within that sense. And the one that truly wants the mother back, the mother of shinji which actually means something because from what i know anno lost his mother not long before making evangelion.

Moving on from that, i'll get to misato. This one i might not be fully explaining but i think that especially based on gendo's explanation it makes sense. So misato is in my weird theory, anno's general personality and more like him on the surface. being the one actually acting as the leader and moving everything under the will of what gendo wants. and her relationship with shinji is generally that she needs him. or somewhat that.

Now for the ones i'm less sure of... not that i'm too sure of anything really.

Starting with asuka here, i think asuka is basically meant to represent confidence, that seemed a bit too appropriate to me to think of something better and it really does make sense that way. and it would make sense that his confidence is fighting with shinji to stop the depression, amirite?
also i'm guessing the mommy issues breaking her is supposedly anno's mommy issues breaking his confidence to do stuff... makes sense to me :D

Uh.. now for the veerryy iffy one, ..so rei...
i tried thinking about this and barely got anything.. eventually i decided to just go with the only thing i could come up with. which was rei being more his inner feelings/subconscious. represented by an image of his mother(she's a clone of shinji's mother) and so since she's his "inner" feelings and supposedly the subconscious. what she feels wouldn't be extremely clear therefore expressionless. and it could make sense that that's the part that gendo(the inner thoughts) treasure a lot. or not idk.

Now some side ones here, though i guess they're kinda important?

So selee, selee is what i think are anno's suicidal thoughts. They're trying to cause the 3rd impact and supposedly getting gendo to follow that.
that's all i think of them though.

There's also kawrou... who i'm too shallow to seriously think about.
because i couldn't get over kawrou being the homosexual feelings he thought he'd rely on since he's so depressed and desperate... but... yea.

AAAAANNNDDD that's mostly it concerning the original series, idk about other things/characters that have stuff about them. This is what came to mind.
I'm guessing i'm probably wrong but eh, it was interesting thinking about the series with these characters being this way rather than just actual characters. I think the last 2 actual episodes of the original series might make more sense. I mean now the congratulations is actually shinji winning aka him getting over depression. Don't remember enough of the other stuff to try justifying this with it though...

If we consider EoE, i guess the whole instrumentality could be seen as his mind finally becoming one?

Though concerning EoE, i think that's meant to possibly be the "bad end" as in the 3rd impact happens and he basically... dies.. but that doesn't "fully" make sense and i don't think i'm qualified to try making sense of EoE nor would i actually want to seriously try to do that.

As for the rebuilds, 1.0 is not worth talking about, 2.0 is where i think the point was that shinji supposedly actually dealt with it and won but didn't really win in the end. 3.0 was probably showing that he is now extremely different from how he used to be, which shows with the changes done to about... everything including the characters that supposedly represent his mind.

Sorry if you read this, i probably wasted your time.

that's all folks.


HAI DD-KUN!(Nourii-chan was here)
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PostSubject: Re: Overanalyzing Evangelion   Tue Mar 04, 2014 3:47 am

Your "theory" is a common analysis that is made for fictional stories even outside of anime. You're not too far off the dot, however, we do have to also include the fact that Anno denies this theory because of his own insecurities. I may be wrong because I don't know the guy personally, what we have here is the most we, as fans, could ever do.

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PostSubject: Re: Overanalyzing Evangelion   Tue Mar 04, 2014 7:15 am

Reikan wrote:

Your "theory" is a common analysis that is made for fictional stories even outside of anime. You're not too far off the dot, however, we do have to also include the fact that Anno denies this theory because of his own insecurities. I may be wrong because I don't know the guy personally, what we have here is the most we, as fans, could ever do.
whats that gif

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PostSubject: Re: Overanalyzing Evangelion   

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Overanalyzing Evangelion
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