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 FGN: So Much Smash

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PostSubject: FGN: So Much Smash   Wed Apr 09, 2014 2:06 pm

It took something big like this to bring me back.

Super Smash Bros. Direct 4.8.2014

Well Nintendo has giving us what we want, an insane amount of information on Super Smash Bros. 3DS/WiiU. You can find the video below.

If watching wasn't enough or something said was missed or went by too fast for you I'll also be putting in the information here.

Release Timing
Super Smash Bros. 3DS will be released Summer 2014

Super Smash Bros. WiiU will be released winter 2014

Technical Tidbit
Most of the elements in the 3DS version will run at 60FPS even when 3D is turned on but assist trophies and pokemon will move at 30FPS.

Differences Between Versions

The fighters will be the same in both versions so there will be no exclusive fighter for 3DS or WiiU but with that being said there will be plenty of exclusive stages to both the 3DS version and WiiU version.

In the 3DS version every stage will have two songs on them while the WiiU version will be like Brawl with plenty of options.

There are also elements that will link the two versions together but there was no more detail into this topic but we are promised more nfo at a later date.

3DS Version:
Reset Bomb Forest
3D Land
Spirit Train
Gerudo Valley
Arena Ferox
Tortimer Island
Living Room
Prism Tower
Rainbow Road
Find Mii
Balloon Fight
Jungle Japes

WiiU Version:
Mario Galaxy
Town And City
Boxing Ring
Pilot Wings
Windy Hill
Garden Of Hope
Wii Fit Studio
Palutena's Temple

As you can see from Jungle Japes and Halberd, some old stages will be coming back but only on certain versions of the game. Also there is a new thing that has been added to some stages, boss fights.

Boss Fights haven't not been explained in detail but they did explain Yellow Devil from Megaman so I'll go over it. Yellow Devil is a part of the Megaman stage and can be scene coming to the stage from the background. Yellow Devil will attack all fighters but can be attacked by the fighters, if you hit his eye (which is his only weakness) he will explode and damage all fighters EXCEPT the fighter that dealt the final blow to Yellow Devil. And yes Ridley will be one of those boss fights.

Online Play
You can go online in both versions and you get two game modes, For Fun and For Glory.

For Fun:
Stages will be picked randomly from all stages except Final Destination
All items will be on
Smash Battles only
Only wins will be recorded

For Glory:
Only Final Destination will be playable
No items
1v1 battles are possible
Both wins and loses will be recorded

Final Destination has something a little special to it in the fact that almost every stage has a Final Destination form.

There is something called Global Smash Power that takes from your solo play. The more Smash Power you have the stronger you are.

Beam Sword
Smart Bomb
Motion-Sensor Bomb
POW Block
Fire Bar
Back Shield
Fairy Bottle
Ore Club
X Bomb
Hocotate Bomb
Rocket Belt
Steel Diver

Assist Trophies
Knuckle Joe
Saki Amamiya
Dr. Wright
Skull Kid
Mother Brain
Dark Samus
Chain Chomp
Elec Man
Color TV-Game 15

We now have Master Balls and only rare or legendary Pokemon come out of them.

Returning Fighters
Note: Characters that changed form no longer change and instead a new character in itself, example would be that Samus and Zero Suit Samus are two different characters now.
Characters Returning:
Samus: No longer changes form after her Final Smash.

Zero Suit Samus: Added Jet Boots giving her kicks more...well...kick. She also has better recovery.

Zelda: Her Down Special now releases a Phantom for attack or defense but be careful since it can be reflected back at you.

Sheik: Has two new moves for her Side Special and Down Special called Burst Grenade and Bouncing Fish.

Kirby: Hammer Flip is a move you can hold to power up but be careful as holding it at max power will damage you over time. Ultra Sword is now Kirby's Final Smash.

Dedede: Throws Gordos instead of Waddle Dees.

Lucario: Aura attacks do more damage and he has his Mega Evolution in which all aura attacks automatically do max damage.

Olimar: Only three Pikmin can follow him and he plucks them up in a fixed order of red, yellow, blue, white, purple and back to red. His recovery move is now Winged Pikmin.

Pit: Gliding Mechanic has been cut and his Final Smash is now three Sacred Treasures.

Yoshi: Now stands upright like Bowser.

New Fighters

Rosalina: Luma Shot can shoot out Luma and bring it back to Rosalina. When Luma is alone it will wander by itself and attack based on player input. Both Rosalina and Luma have independent movesets and it'll feel like playing two characters. Side Special is called Star Bits and it's her ranged attack. Up Special is called Launch Star in which she is launched upwards. Down Special is called Gravitational Pull in which lets her draw in items and can negate enemy shots. Her Final Smash is Power Star in which she holds a power star above her that shoots out stars at enemy fighters.

Little Mac: On the ground his attack power is extreme and he even has armor to protect himself from some attacks. His air ability however is terrible and he can't recover to save his life. His Neutral Special is Straight Lunge which is basically Falcon Punch. Little Mac also has a K.O. Punch he can do when you fill his Power Meter and if it connects gives an instant K.O. to an opponent. His Side Special the Jolt Haymaker dodges projectiles. His Up Special called Rising Uppercut is well...an uppercut. Down Special the Slip Counter is basically a counter move. His Final Smash is him turning into Giga Mac. Also he has a wireframe skin for oldschool fans.

Villager: Neutral Special is Pocket in which he can catch objects and use for later. Side Special is Lloid Rocket a projectile that he can ride. Up Special is Balloon Trip. Down Special is Timber. His Final Smash is Dream Home.

Megaman: Not much detail just a show of moves. Neutral Special is Metal Blade a projectile. Side Special is Crash Bomber another projectile but it explodes. Down Special is Leaf Shield blocking all attacks and can be thrown. Up Special is Rush Coil a launcher move. His Final Smash has him and all the other versions of him send a huge blast at his opponent.

Wii Fit Trainers: Down Special called Deep Breathing make all her attacks hit harder. Neutral Special or Sun Salutation is a projectile that she can save for later. You can pick to use either the Female Trainer or Male Trainer.

Mysterious Special Moves
You can have CUSTOM MOVE SETS...but we will not know more until later sadly.

Smash Run
3DS and 3DS only there is a game mode called Smash Run, a four player game in which you search dungeons for power-ups and is set on a HUGE battlefield. For five minutes you can explore and gain power-ups to make your character better. After the five minutes you dke it out with your upgraded fighters.

That's all the FGN for today and I'm glad if you came by to check it out! There will be more FGN in the future I'm sure!

Oh yeah Charizard and Greninja are going to be in the game.


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FGN: So Much Smash
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