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 What To Do About Artifacts

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PostSubject: What To Do About Artifacts   Thu Apr 10, 2014 7:08 pm

What To Do About Artifacts...

Here's a few thoughts about Artifacts. I hope you enjoy my article. If you do not know what this upcoming archetype is then take a look at the following wikia article:

Lets take a look at the next potential Tier 0 deck (or Tier 0.5 as some like to say): Artifacts' main strategy is to use scare tactics that keep their opponent on their toes and almost forces their opponent to never destroy their backrow. In short, they super win if any card effect activates (Durandal) and they win more if you destroy their backrow (not to mention if you miss a desired target, you run into chainables...) Its basic knowledge to never destroy an Artifact duelist's backrow, its wisdom to fix up your main deck beforehand to fit the meta (believe me, it WILL change dramatically; this deck is becoming overhyped--which means it will be even more popular than Bujins and it has every right to be popular.) If you thought EDs were bad and wanted to quit this children's card game, then you have a long era of backrow hate awaiting you.

The reason I say this is the next tier 0 deck is because this deck is the Jack-of-all-Trades, it is a highly likely meta changer, and it proves to cause massive psychological stress to the entire playerbase. Their support allows them to do virtually ANYTHING at this point in time such as searching (all of their basic effects and Movement--Mistake, Droll & Lock Bird, Rai-Oh, etc do not stop this type of searching,) field control (MST, Beagalltach, Moralltach, and Movement), recycling ability (Failnaught), draw engine (Caduceus), swarming (ALL OF THEM), invulnerability to banishment and destruction as well as effects and attacks in general (Longinus, Achilles, Aegis and Durandal) , the ultimate card negation (Durandal), hand control (Durandal), and extremely great splashable capability (almost all of them, especially Durandal).

Nothing is perfect (except Yata Lock, lets be honest.) There are counter strategies to anything and everything. And lets be honest, we're in an overly-aggro time in Yugioh history. This deck may not be Tier 0 or even Tier 0.5 after all. If you overwhelm them early game, then you have a good chance of taking the game, however you have to keep on your toes about the trigger-happy deck. We just need to take the time to examine what we can do about this.

Mirror Match: there are several things you can do. You can side Herald of Green and stop a Movement, or use Mystical Refpanel to steal a Movement from your opponent and just take massive advantage of your opponent. You will also make great use of Durandal; if your opponent is smart, they will wait.

Everyone Else: We have several different strategies we can do. Take out spell/trap destruction and replace it with pure negation, sending or invulnerability such as Trap Stun, Forbidden Lance, or Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. These examples are all splashable and completely avoid the problem of the 1st game match up of having to regret a dead MST in hand (side your MSTs like you always have and just stock on them for non-Artifact decks.)

We have other side deck options that we already use commonly such as Light-Imprisoning Mirror, Macro/D-Fissure, Soul Drain, Skill Drain, Effect Veiler, Fiendish Chain, Debunk, XYZ Encore, Maxx "C", and the rarely seen D.D. Crow all available to us.

However, I have more recommendations that we do not commonly see. I suggest taking a look at Curse of Royal [if you're not a fan of that try Judgment of Anubis, I personally don't like the -1...] (negates Movement and MST to prevent Artifact effects.) Debunk will indefinitely work as a counter-trap as will Divine Wrath (again not a fan of the -1, however D-Wrath is really splashable and effective if you have the means to run Wing Blast.)

We can also utilize the Extra deck a little more. Crimson Blader and Roach will prevent the swarming from ever happening. Naturia Beast, Stardust, Durandal will stop the MSTs and Movements. An extra Ark Knight can take care of the oh-so-common Durandals (though doing this is out of priority to the bigger problems at hand.) Abyss Dweller, Strike Bouzner, Felgrand and Durandal will prevent effects in general.

See the trend I'm pointing out? Try avoiding the continuous cards, Artifacts have essentially 6 MSTs and Malevolent Catastrophe on their side, use pro-active means and less backrow (for back row oriented sides, use chainables like the or counter traps.)

Artifact mirror match is already an interesting game from my experience. Facing against it is a nightmare as it is. After fixing my deck like this:



I saw immediate improvements to the match ups.

Edit:I forgot to mention that I think Ophion is also an amazing option if you can make it. Not many decks can make it, though if you are a fan of Evilswarms, then you have a better chance against Artifacts than most decks as it is.

I have 2 other excellent side deck options. Jackpot 7 and Forbidden Graveyard. Jackpot 7 will stop the Malevolent Catastrophe and could very possibly be a staple side deck card against Artifacts. Forbidden Graveyard, at the cost of 1 card from hand, will prevent any cards from activating in graveyard (period).

TL DR Version:

What do you guys think? Do you have any other suggestions or ideas on how we can handle Artifacts? Do you also think they're the next Tier 0 deck? Put your thoughts in the Comment/Reply section!

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PostSubject: Re: What To Do About Artifacts   Fri Apr 11, 2014 12:06 am

Some things to point out. Artifacts are not remotely, possibly, conceivably close to tier 0. That includes tier 0.5 (if that's a thing, people usually call it tier 1). In fact, to do anything as tier 1 they have to get carried hard as an additional engine to another engine (usually chronomally, but not here I guess since the TCG decided we should not get actual decks from main releases in addition to the usual delay, seriously, TCG is garbage). Yeah, they are pretty strong if you really feel like you have to blind mst them, but not otherwise, even in the OCG format which has Heavy Storm. The reason for that would be that their offense is reactive, which is a nice gimmick to get them at most up to tier 1, but from there, gimmicks can be played around once you attract attention.

Not tripping over them is often sufficient to get around their plays, if you are that worried about not being able to tell which backrows are the artifacts and which backrows you may have to take care of (no need to worry though, between artifacts and self comboing chainables, you are looking at about 4 cards or so that could actually interfere with your own plays, so you could just leave that backrow alone and play ygo), you could just switch your msts for Lance or Trap Stun or something like that which in general does not destroy, or, you know, just MST in their end phase instead of your turn, since that would not trigger them (not to mention that if it is a quick spell they just set, obviously they cannot chain it) unless you hit theosophy or the slight drawback of movement (which is still ok, they dont get to use their movement instead).

Continuous cards are actually not that bad either for a specific reason. Their plays have to happen on your turn for them to get their effects, so no surprise quick play from the hand there. Now let's consider what often happens if your defense is a backrow and they have multiple s/t destructions set on your turn (can't often be more than 2 though, otherwise they will be hard pressed to make a play with their remaining space). A normal player, upon seeing the backrow that could ruin their play, would just mst that backrow first before making their play. It's not like they have to worry about an mst of your own, there is nothing for you to hit in that case. So whether that backrow is curse of royal or light-imprisoning mirror, the effect is often the same, since no sane player would play light-imprisoning mirror preemptively there but would instead wait at the very least for the first self-targeting s/t and chain it there. From that point, they would need a second piece of s/t destruction face down to deal with it (not in their hand, remember, that all happens on your turn), in which case, it is still a 141, and in which case a single use card would only work if you had it hidden among other s/ts and it was not picked off before the play.

That, however, is not the main reason to use continuous cards. Clearly, you could be using cards like the transmigration prophecy, crevice to the different dimension or even forbidden graveyard if you feel that strongly about them, or better yet, since backrows can be picked off by s/t destruction, you still have d.d. crow and even Skull Meister, for a 1700 body with the same use. While against Movement it is a mere 141 still, against mst, any of those are a +1 as they are using mst to target their own card (which is their obvious weakness, though it shouldn't be as bad as the mst -1 since they should be running Double Cyclone over it). The main reason would be how they are often carried into other decks. In fact, go over to shriek, see if you can find a pure artifact build there. They are most usually seen with 3 Morraltach and 1 Beagaltach added as an addition to OOPArts (again, not something we are getting, but it's not like their synergy with OOPArts is insane, it's just the best small engine now there, it could be anything here), which is btw the reason the continuous cards are popular, because they also stop the rest of the deck. Now, while we may not see them added to OOPArts, we are going to most likely see them added to something, since alone their effects suffer from an inherent meh-ness, it's basically like trying to make Mermail with just Infantry and Megalo, and more or less without access to other cards. When that happens, you are not looking at countering just the artifacts, as they are few cards in the end, just playing around them a bit is enough, while siding specific cards is oversiding instead. What you are looking for instead is countering the deck as a whole. Let's say they are somehow added to buujin for example (doubtful, buujin is getting a lot of cards, I can see them in FF though), in that case you are indeed looking at Light-Imprisoning Mirror, Macro Cosmos etc. as counters, since they also hit the Buujin, not just the Artifacts, which is the main engine you want to be stopping. In the end, we have to wait and see where they get added. Unfortunately I haven't been following the garbage TCG to see where they go.

One extremely important thing to point out, since we've been through this a lot in this game: Their summons are effect summons, for a plethora of reasons, no point explaining that here, what needs explaining is that their summons CANNOT BE NEGATED. That means Roach does NOT work.
However, the fact they are hard countered by 2 lv8 synchros, Crimson Blader and Stardust Dragon, as well as 1 Rank 4 Xyz, Abyss Dweller (which wastes cards for them since it can be chained to their self targetting s/t destruction), while being a reactive gimmicky deck, gives them huge issues. Scythe is not really enough to amend this problem, in fact it doesn't do too much there since a set Morraltach would have the exact same effect. And to that, we have to point one very basic thing. If they do react to your play to stop it, they are giving up the opportunity to do their play in your end phase, which means they are giving you the opportunity instead to react to their play since their cards are now out there and they are not in their own turn in which they could be using them before you can stop it, something which is a very basic aid to many decks in ygo.

I think, if nothing else, the artifact deck will help people get over the bad habit of blind MSTs, or the habit of not using the MST in their end phase, the cure to a better matchup against Artifacts is paying more attention instead, read what the backrows are and use your s/t destruction in better times. Of course, learning to play reactively, depending on your opponent's deck, instead of just playing your own game, also helps a lot.

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What To Do About Artifacts
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