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 FGN: Rise In My Car...Nates

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PostSubject: FGN: Rise In My Car...Nates   Fri Apr 25, 2014 5:26 am

I'll kill you Kimo.

Rise of Incarnates
Namco Bandai has been keeping themselves very busy in the fighting game department. They've been working on the new Smash Bros. and have released two free to play fighting games, Tekken Revolution and Soul Calibur Lost Swords not to mention that they are still going to be working on there half of the Street Fighter X Tekken deal (Which is Tekken X Street Fighter if you didn't know). So what else could Namco Bandai have in store for us? Another fighting game by the name of Rise of Incarnates.

Announcement Trailer Below:

As you can see this will take place in a ruined Earth and New York is a confirmed stage pretty much. I'm sure they will be letting you fight all over the world in many different cities and countries, or at least America.

Another thing to notice is the EXTREMELY default and generic looking red jacket character but what makes him totally not different from other main characters (I'm just assuming he is the main character) is that he has some sort of demon powers. You also have the completely opposite character that wears blue but not only that he is black. So we have a white dude in red and a black dude in blue, okay but is there any other generic characters in here? Well you have the mad doctor looking character so...yeah. You also have this female character but she doesn't get much screen time so I'll skip her for now.

As for what Rise of Incarnates is, here is a quote from Namco Bandai, "Rise of Incarnates unleashes unfettered 3D combat upon the PC. In this shattered landscape, Incarnates team up for 2v2 battles within famous cities that have been realistically recreated as they
vie to determine the fate of the world. Run and fly through true 3D environments as Incarnates awaken untold powers - Ares, Lilith, Mephistopheles, Grim Reaper, and more await your command."

So there you go, Rise of Incarnates is a 2v2 fighter and will be for the PC and it is also going to be free to play. To be honest I think they will be going with a MOBA route here, free to play with the possibilities that you can buy characters while they have a week of free characters for that week.

As for the play style of Rise of Incarnates, it looks to play like Gundam EXVS Full Boost and all other fighters like it (Arena Fighters?). Games like that are huge in Japan but Rise of Incarnates won't be Japan exclusive, it is coming to America. Not much is known about the game since it was announced about two days ago but if you're interested there is a sign-up for the alpha at http://www.riseofincarnates.com so check that out if you want.

So that is all for today on my side of FGN but don't think that is all the FGN you'll get! Apparently a certain someone made their own FGN, without my permission might I add. Kimo will be doing FGNs every now and then on fighting games you actually care about, Anime Fighters. Don't forget to come back for more FGN!


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PostSubject: Re: FGN: Rise In My Car...Nates   Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:04 am

So this is practically Devil May Cry as a fighting game. I'm pretty interested in how this will come out. Last game that tried to do something similar was Anarchy Reigns, which didn't do all too well for what it was trying to achieve for a hack 'n slash / fighting game crossover. Still, I am pretty excited for this, and it's also coming onto PC which happens to be my primary gaming system. Yay. Kinda worried about F2P and how it could have an effect on the game, but if it ends up being very playable, then nothing to worry about in that regards then. Also, thank goodness that we're not getting a large scale of groups as in MOBAs.

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FGN: Rise In My Car...Nates
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