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 Last chance for net neutrality

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PostSubject: Last chance for net neutrality   Sat May 17, 2014 3:04 pm

I know what you're thinking, Kimo why on earth are you bringing this up again? Well, the reason I am is because this never ended, it's been going on over and over from behind all of our backs. Today, however, marks the boiling point where the FCC will take the request to remove net neutrality over the internet to court, and depending on the outcome, things could either be neutral or terrible. I say neutral because net neutrality is a privilege that we've always had, not something that we are suddenly getting, so it's either we get to keep this thing, or we lose it.

Now how bad could this get? Well, if you aren't familiar, let me refresh you. Apparently, the internet runs under the rule known as "net neutrality', which states that all date should be treated fairly and without discrimination. This was only possible because the internet was classified as a communication's server, but apparently, the FCC found a loophole in this one rule and are now using it to turn the law on itself.

Killing net neutrality is a big deal, because then the FCC could very much take advantage of this as much by providing their vision of "faster internet". This is just a sugar coating to the actual horrid cake that we're receiving. Thing is, they're going to fine everyone money to have their information and service carried over, and of course, the more you pay, the better the service. Keep in mind that this will be for everyone, so even indie websites will have to pay for this, regardless of whether they can or not.

Also, it could come to the point where people would have their websites shut down because they couldn't pay. Think about it: you already purchased a URL or address, and now you're asked to pay money over it otherwise it won't be out. I mean, this is obviously going to affect a lot of websites which offer their services for free. This very forum could go poof because of what's happening. Do you want that? Nobody wants that. Forumotion is a free forum creator, they're going to be hurt by this big time.

And if that's not enough, there is more. There's also the chance where companies could go the extra mile and offer the internet in packages. I mean, oh you pay for the internet? Well, you're going to have to pay extra to get access to, say, the social websites, then another fee for the video channels, and another for the encyclopedia channels. See what I'm getting at here? Internet is slowly and slowly becoming more like TV, and while you can pay for the extra stuff optionally for TV, here it's mandatory.

What I've said so far is just a huge summary of what I've been hearing from all the major people talking about this. Not only are Youtubers onto this, but even Google, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo, Facebook, and just about everyone else doesn't want this because it could very much harm their businesses to a major extend, and it's not because of the fee, but because less and less people are accessing it. Even if you do not live in the US, what's happening affects you because a large portion of all these websites are American ones.

If possible, please do send a filing to the government and ask them to shut it down. Don't do anything silly or trollish, this is dead serious. I'll leave you the links down below. Even if you think that this will eventually resolve itself because others will do it, or you do not want to because of the spam that you get from filing stuff like this in general, I think that this is just a little bit of endurance to go through for such a major reason. Play your part so everyone else can play theirs.

To send the filing:

Help on sending the filing:

And may god bless us all.

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PostSubject: Re: Last chance for net neutrality   Sat May 17, 2014 8:05 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Last chance for net neutrality   Sun May 18, 2014 1:26 am

Since this is happening a lot I want to bring up something pretty important regarding these signature gathering happenings.
When asking of someone to fill in and send a legal document, you must (not should, must, we are not 8, legal responsibilities are a thing) explain in as much detail as possible what that form is, who it is addressed to, specifically what the affected organizations are, what the goal of the petition is and how it is to achieve that.

We are asking of people (when it is a staff member's announcement, it is a "we", official) to make an official named statement to an organization, so we also have the responsibility to explain to them what exactly it is we are asking them to do. And not in the form of links, it's fine even if it is in a spoiler, but every time this happens, the full information must be on the topic. It's not a hassle to gather all the required information, because when someone asks something like that, it is assumed they already have all the relevant information, otherwise why are they signing something they do not know.

I am not disputing the importance of the matter and I am not trying in any case to "scold" kimo or anyone, I just want to make people understand that this is something important that is not to be omitted. Let's take this case for example.

Going through the topic I see no reference to what the document in question is, other than the fact it is a filling to the "government". It is to be assumed that is the american government, but this topic is posted by Kimo, who is Egyptian and has no affiliation whatsoever to the USA as far as I know, so his general mention of a "government" could only mean 1 of 3 things:
a) The Egyptian government
b) Generally everyone's respective government
c) The mystical secret world government
and of course I doubt it is any of the above.
Now, assuming it is the american government (still not 100% certain, it could be option c), what is the organization we are going through when sending that document, what are its goals and how will they be achieved. And most importantly, for those of us who are not from the US here (which would be the majority of us) what would sending this form accomplish? We are not american citizens (thankfully), they have no obligation towards us, they have no obligation to hear our concerns. Heck, I don't want to voice my concerns to the american government, when someone who is not connected to them in any way is asking it is simply begging since they have no responsibilities towards them. Not to mention that I would never want to give the american government so much of my personal information, they are one of the least trustworthy organizations on the planet.

Even if I practically do my own research and go through the link provided, it still does a very poor job of explaining. For example, there is no mention of what the FCC is. It's probably that this is something self explanatory for an american, but again considering most of us are not that, very important information is lacking. The best explanation in the link of what this form accomplishes is that it is "comments" or "proposals". And of course, there is no mention of where non-americans come into this even in the link provided, so personally I am still in the dark about it (sorta, I know that opinions of non-american citizens on american government matters mean less than nothing, and that's how it should be).

Again, I am not trying to just bash specifically at this action, it is a common mistake we make here on the forum, heck even the link that is provided on the bottom would likely not be there if it was not to help with filling the form, I know of other instances where we got nothing. The point that I am trying to make here is, to everyone, that no matter what your cause is, when you ask people to make legal/official statements and divulge that much of their personal information, you must give them as much information on what it is they are doing as there is out there, it could be the size of ToS, that's fine, in fact that's how it should be, but make sure to fully explain that every time.

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PostSubject: Re: Last chance for net neutrality   

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Last chance for net neutrality
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