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 Skeleton of Jazz Project: Someday My Prince Will Come

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PostSubject: Skeleton of Jazz Project: Someday My Prince Will Come   Sun Jun 15, 2014 4:58 am

Hello folks,

So currently I'm working on a project which I will arrange the most popular Jazz songs and I will be only working on their main themes for students who don't know some songs but want to see some examples first before practicing. That's why it's named Skeleton of Jazz.

Today I'll show you the very basic of Someday My Prince Will Come, which was composed by Frank Churchill for the Disney's Snow White. If you haven't known, this song originally is a Waltz and for Opera. That's why it's 3/4. But why not Waltz Jazz? Waltz Jazz is really good when it's played. Here's an example from the most talented Jazz musician, Bill Evans:

Does it sound good? You'll need to take a lot of time to be good like him (or at least so). Basics are always important, remember, so we should start with the basics first:

I suggest playing Ballad when playing solo piano and Med. Waltzwhen playing with a band.

Happy practicing!

- Lawrence Tran

You want Skype lessons? - Skype: lawrencetranjazzpianist

P/S: Okay that doesn't sound like me but I copied then pasted.

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Skeleton of Jazz Project: Someday My Prince Will Come
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