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 FGN: Free Street Fighter And...Phase 4 DLC?

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PostSubject: FGN: Free Street Fighter And...Phase 4 DLC?   Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:34 pm

I have nothing funny to say here.

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Free! (Xbox 360)

So anyone have an Xbox Live Gold Account? No? Well if you did you could get Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition for FREE but this ends on June 30, 2014 so get it before then. *Hint hint nudge nudge you can then upgrade it to the new Ultra Street Fighter 4 for only $15.

Phase 4 Released For Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate

So anyone have Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate? No? Well if you do you can get the new Phase 4 DLC which also comes with the 1.07 Patch. European countries will sadly have to wait till June 25, 2014 for this but for others it's out now.


I won't be talking about Smash Bros. Gameplay because the game is not final and what people played at E3 was an older build of the game.

There have been some news about Persona's fighting game and the new Guilty Gear but SOMEONE (Kimo) should have that FGN done sometime soon...right? RIGHT!?


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PostSubject: Re: FGN: Free Street Fighter And...Phase 4 DLC?   Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:00 am

Also uhh, the rosters for the East Coast vs West Coast Melee Crew Battle at MLG Anaheim have been decided for anybody else who cares. (Al)

Sigs from friends! c:

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FGN: Free Street Fighter And...Phase 4 DLC?
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