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 EVO 2014 Results

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Zombie Child
 Zombie Child

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PostSubject: EVO 2014 Results   Sun Jul 13, 2014 8:53 pm

EVO is over and it was hype as fuck. We got new champions, we got returning champions and I think it is safe to say that fans of all the games got a great top 8 finals.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 — Results

1. MD|Luffy (Rose)

2. Bonchan (Sagat)

3. RZR|Fuudo (Fei Long)

4. RG|Snake Eyez (Zangief)

5. RZR|Gackt (Fei Long)

5. EG|Ricky Ortiz (Rufus, Rolento)

7. EG|Momochi (Ken, Juri)

7. HORI|Sako (Ibuki, Evil Ryu, Elena, Gen)

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — Results

1. EG|Justin Wong (Wolverine, Storm, Akuma)

2. GG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil | Others)

3. RG|Filipino Champ (Magneto, Dormammu, Dr. Doom | Others)

4. CTRL|RayRay (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Sentinel)

5. RG|Flocker (Zero, Vergil, Hawkeye | Others)

5. Jan (Hulk, Shuma-Gorath, Haggar | Others)

7. MRN|Marn (Zero, Vergil, Strider)

7. BIFU|Insaynne (Nova, Spencer, Dr. Doom)

Super Smash Bros. Melee — Results

1. C9|Mango (Falco, Fox)

2. Crs|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff, Fox, Falco)

3. EMP|Armada (Peach, Young Link)

4. EG|PPMD (Falco, Marth)

5. EMP|Mew2King (Marth, Sheik)

5. MOR|Axe (Pikachu)

7. Fly Amanita (Ice Climbers)

7. GC|Silent Wolf (Fox)

Killer Instinct — Results

1. RM|CD Jr. (Sadira)

2. RG|Rico Suave (Thunder, Glacius, Jago, Sabrewulf, Fulgore)

3. EG|Justin Wong (Sabrewulf)

4. Gutter Magic (Thunder)

5. TSwagg (Sadira)

5. IC|MyGod88 (Sabrewulf)

7. Pretty E (Orchid)

7. Mr. Grimmmz (Jago)

BlazBlue: Chronophantasma — Results

1. Garireo (Litchi)

2. Dogura (Azrael)

3. BE|DoraBang (Bang)

4. Yoshiki (v-13-)

5. Tiku (Tager)

5. N-O (Rachel)

7. Tochigin (Azrael)

7. SG (Litchi)

King of Fighters 13 — Results

1. Qanba|Xiao Hai (EX Iori, Mr. Karate, Kim)

2. MCZ|Tokido (EX Iori, Chin, Mr. Karate)

3. LDA|ET (Clark, Mr. Karate, EX Iori | Others)

4. CafeID|MadKOF (Duo Lon, Daimon, Kim)

5. Woo (King, Takuma, Kim)

5. TC|Yoshi (EX Kyo, Benimaru, Shen | Others)

7. VGM|Misterio (Yuri, Saiki, King)

7. TC|Chris KOF (Duo Lon, Iori, Shen)

Injustice: Gods Among Us — Results

1. RG|Sonic Fox (Batgirl)

2. AK|Pig of the Hut (Zod)

3. IC|Mit88 (Deathstroke, Batgirl, Aquaman)

4. GGA|PimPimJim (Hawkgirl, Raven, Shazam)

5. EMPR|Noobe (Doomsday)

5. IC|DJT88 (Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Doomsday)

7. GGA|16-bit (Catwoman)

7. FRQ|Emperor Theo (Aquaman)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 — Results

1. Twitch|JDCR (Heihachi, Armor King)

2. Twitch|Gen Kids (Bob, Leo)

3. BE|Ao (Alisa, Miguel)

4. Jimmy J Tran (Bryan, Dragunov)


5. Inkognito (Bryan, Bob)

7. JustFrameJames (Marshall Law, Yoshimitsu)

7. BMNS-13 (Hwoarang, Baek)

Mortal Kombat 9 — Results

1. RG|Sonic Fox (Sonya Blade)

2. IC|DAB88 (Liu Kang, Jax, Johnny Cage)

3. IC|DJT88 (Cyrax)

4. FNATIC|Perfect Legend (Kung Lao, Raiden)

5. GGA|16-bit (Kitana)

5. KIT|Forever King (Kung Lao, Kabal, Freddy Kreuger)

7. RM|CD Jr. (Jax, Kung Lao)

7. IC|WoundCowboy88 (Shang Tsung)

Soul Calibur 5 — Results

1. MVZ|Lolo (Yoshimitsu)

2. SCTSF|BlueBoy (Patroklos)

3. SCTSF|Ramon (Pyrrha)

4. Signia (Yoshimitsu)

5. Never Relent (Natsu)

5. Alex J (Xiba, Voldo)

7. MVC|Ooofmatic (Dampierre)

7. RZR|Itabashi Zangief (Astaroth)

Street Fighter X Tekken — Results

1. Esuta (Law, Bob | Law, Elena | Hwoarang, King)

2. Windalf (Bryan, Steve)

3. r/Kappa|Tampa Bison (M. Bison, Rolento)

4. Kelvin Jeon (Yoshimitsu, Kazuya)

5. IC|Starwin88 (Rufus, Law)

5. BIFU|Insaynne (Rufus, Zangief | Rufus, Marduk)

7. SRKJKF (Ken, Lili)

7. Reiki (Raven, Xiaoyu)

Persona 4: Arena — Results

1. TS|Lord Knight (Mitsuru)

2. Ho-chan (Yukiko)

3. BrkrDv (Teddie)

4. Rath (Mitsuru)

5. Dacidbro (Akihiko)

5. Lode Knight (Chie)

7. BananaKen (Shadow Labrys)

7. Pain (Aigis)

Skullgirls — Results

1. Dekillsage

2. Swiftfox-Dash

3. Elda Taluda

4. RG|Sonic Fox

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Tournament of Legends — Results

1. Mao (Vega)

2. Nuki (Chun-Li)

3. Kurahashi (Ryu, oKen)

4. Mattsun (Ken, Cammy)

5. AfroLegends (Dee Jay, Balrog)

5. Noguchi (Vega)

7. LU|Alex Valle (oSagat)

7. Hanashi (Fei Long)

Soul Calibur 2 HD Online Edition — Results

1. Quick Pad Shen (Mitsurugi, Sophitia)

2. Aris (Voldo)

3. Vicious (Yoshimitsu)

4. Tietyt (Nightmare)

5. BL (Mitsurugi, Raphael)

5. KrayzieCD (Maxi)

7. Alex J (Spawn)

7. Ivylicious (Ivy)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core + R — Results

1. RF (Faust)

2. Dogura (Slayer, Testament)

3. BE|Abegen (Potemkin)

4. KBNova (Zappa)

5. Jo (Johnny)

5. Cross (Eddie)

7. Definitely (Millia)

7. Fiestament (Testament)

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo X-Mania 3 on 3 — Results

1. Team M3
- TMF (Zangief)
- Mattsun (Ken)
- Mao (Vega)

2. Team Japan2
- Noguchi (Vega)
- Kurahashi (Ryu)
- Hanashi (Fei Long)

3. Team Special Forces
- Ganelon (Vega)
- AfroLegends (Balrog)
- Damdai (O. Ryu)

4. Team OGSF
- John Choi (O. Sagat)
- LU|Alex Valle (Ryu)
- Mike Watson (Balrog)

5. Team Legal
- MongoloRobokop (Cammy)
- Moocus (O. T. Hawk)
- Digital Infamy (Balrog)

5. Team Japan1
- MCZ|Tokido (Vega)
- MCZ|Daigo (Balrog)
- Nuki (Chun-Li)

5. Team Triple OG
- Shotosallday (O. Ken)
- Ultracombo (O. Sagat)
- DNGR S Papercut (O. T. Hawk)

5. Team Europe
- ISIMORN (Vega)
- ORF (Ryu)
- Balcork (Fei Long)

Team WNF vs. Team NLBC — Ultra Street Fighter 4 exhibition

Team WNF beat Team NLBC 5-1.

• NGL|Marq Teddy (Guy) beat PIE|Zeus (Vega) 2-1.

• Keno (Balrog) beat PIE|Smug (Dudley) 2-1.

• Veloc1raptor (Gouken) beat SteamCo|Sanford Kelly (Sagat) 2-1.

• FRQ|Filipino Man (Rose) beat TS|Arturo Sanchez (Dhalsim) 2-0.

• RG|Snake Eyez (Zangief) loses to EMP|Dieminion (Guile) 1-2.

• NGL|Marq Teddy (Guy) beat EMP|Dieminion (Guile) 2-0.



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PostSubject: Re: EVO 2014 Results   Mon Jul 14, 2014 12:14 am

I honestly can't really speak for the other fighting games as I only follow Melee. That being said, outside of the big 5 (PPMD, Hbox, M2K, Mango, and Armada) I really want Axe to win and honestly think he has a decent chance. He's improved so much lately and has shown that he can have very close games against the gods. People shouldn't sleep on the Pikachu.

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Zombie Child
 Zombie Child

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PostSubject: Re: EVO 2014 Results   Mon Jul 14, 2014 5:47 pm

Results are in.


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PostSubject: Re: EVO 2014 Results   Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:05 pm

1. C9|Mango (Falco, Fox)
dat falco main

Big 5 took top 5, can't handle this many upsets. On a serious note though, Hungrybox has been improving quite a bit, I guess mlg was a wake up call. Wouldn't be surprised if he took it all, brought two sets with mango to last stock, and has the latest set victory with the other 3. Respect the box man, it will sleep on you, and you'll die. Now if only m2k woke up too...

As for Axe and Fly, they are up there, they certainly deserve the spot. They haven't broken into big 5 territory but they are looking pretty convincing in contending to be the best among the rest.

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Kimo Force
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PostSubject: Re: EVO 2014 Results   Mon Jul 14, 2014 7:52 pm

The Injustice finals were pretty intense at the start, until Sonic Girl got some advice and figured out Pig (and for the record though, not only did Pig not change his tactic, but even Sonic Fox managed to make use of it for his own), then it was basically a one-sided battle in Sonic's favor. Overall though, both competitors did play pretty well, and it was still exciting to see.

In my opinion, however, the true hero of the Injustice tournament was Mit. This guy managed to get Deathstroke, a low-tier character, on top of the stage. Yeah, sure, he did switch out to Batgirl and Aquaman, only because his Deathstroke tactic didn't work. I know, it was kinda repetitive, and you didn't see all that many different combos, but still, it was pretty enjoyable to see how he managed to get this far with what little effective tools he had. Not to mention that he also made good use of his environment, maybe a little too well. Also, his fight with his brother, DJT, was absolutely badass. He won both matches, with only a chip of HP left, and with the timer at 0 for his first one.

BlazBlue, however, I didn't see the finals because I was busy elsewhere around the time. Still, from what I heard, good job on Gareiro, and hard luck on Dogura. That was an intense match though. Also, I'm kinda sad that DoraBang didn't make it. Oh well, it's to be expected from a low-tier character, and low-tier he was, he still managed to use Bang very very well.

This is my first Evo tournament, so if I say anything wrong, don't hate on me. I'm still new to this.

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PostSubject: Re: EVO 2014 Results   

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EVO 2014 Results
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