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 RE:Summer 2014 Anime Season (Rank yo animu)

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PostSubject: RE:Summer 2014 Anime Season (Rank yo animu)   Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:58 pm


^This thread is a bit of a mess and I'm curious what you guys think about the shows you're watching. More importantly, I'm interested to see how you rank your shows and which one this season is your favorite.

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PostSubject: Re: RE:Summer 2014 Anime Season (Rank yo animu)   Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:25 pm

well i'm not too fond of putting specific ratings on shows.. especially airing ones
but sure i guess

i'll go with this alphabetically and try making it short

Akame ga kill: 7/10
fun, action, gore, sillyness. decent as an adaption.

Aldnoah.Zero: 7.5/10
the show is nice and fun but nothing too amazing, though i really do enjoy the mecha fights of the show and they make up for some of its short comings(even if the martian mechs are kinda stupid)

Barakamon: 8/10
a good cheerful fun comedic anime with pretty nice characters and it's nice watching the mc learn in this new environment, i'm sure it'll be sad when he finally actually has to go and then he'll change his mind and stay
if i had a complaint i'd say the comedy could be better, it has its moments but i feel some moments just don't work

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: 8.5/10
Probably my favorite of the season if things stay as they are, it's pretty much a great parody comedy show with all kinds of fun and memorable characters and all the episodes so far have been pretty enjoyable with no real exception. Though if i had to note something to complain about in the show it would be pretty much the lack of actual plot or character development past the first time you meet the character. Honestly it's not something big to complain about considering the merits of this show are in its comedy and its enjoyable characters but it's the kind of thing that would keep this from getting a higher score.. or at least for me(also i want sakura to get senpai to notice her gdi)

Love Stage!!: 6/10
it's a stupid show that is infact quite homosexual, luckily for us the porn parts are colored awkwardly. I don't really hate the show or anything but the reason i'm watching the show is because it's so stupid that it's enjoyable, and i'm not saying it has much good comedy, sure it has a few moments but it's about everything that's stupid in the show. it's a shoujo setting with a trap in the lead, that's pretty much what it is, and it's very enjoyably stupid. but it's still very stupid so it gets a 6/10.
btw did i mention how the show was stupid?

majimoji rurumo: 6/10
it's nothing great, it's a not too well executed comedy. that's about it. it could've been much better if more care was put into it but well... it wasn't.
still more or less enjoyable and nice.

Psycho-Pass: New Edit 9/10(unless you already saw psycho-pass)
As someone who never watched psycho-pass(mostly due to laziness) this was pretty great.
maybe i shouldn't go too deep into the specifics of it since it's pretty much just a re-airing of psycho-pass.
but if i were to say anything that's about this specifically i'd say that the double episode format for this show really feels like it helps it and makes it even better.

Rail Wars!: 5.5/10
trains. boobs. harem.

SAO 2: 6.5
This anime has been a roller coaster.. but mostly on how meh it is. it pulls some episodes off, and when it does it's rather fun to watch. but sadly it also has the just boring episodes in the mix, and some meh-ish fillers. but honestly so far it's better than the original, even if not by much.
if it can just stop going back for kirito's harem to have its moments then it can just be the enjoyable stupid shounen it is.

Tokyo Ghoul: 5/10
This is probably a bit too cruel of a rating, i mean even below rail wars? but the reason for that is this show has barely anything enjoyable about it, rail wars at least has boobs to make up for it.
it's not really the worst anime of the season, but it's it is the worst one that i didn't drop. maybe it'll find companions in the 5/10 zone when i get back to the ones i dropped.
i don't care what its fans say, even though i doubt we have any here really, the show is entirely stupid and horribly executed, it ruins its own supposed dark themes and seems closer to a shounen than a horror anime. the characters aren't anything new or special, and a lot of things were just stupid and over the top. the plot doesn't have much overall, it's honestly just random people wanting to kill mc/his friends. and even the gore is goddamn censored.
i just can't find anything redeemable about this show, besides maybe its opening.

Zankyou no terror: 7.5/10
ok i might get hate for this but zankyou is just more a disappointment to me, sure the animation is pretty and the music is great but the show itself is just slowly going down hill. i'm going to talk about my problems with this show more than others mainly because this one is just liked more and probably has less people that agree on my rating for it than others.

the problem with this show starts with how i feel a big chunk of the point of this show was just thrown away, actually i think i'll just call the show a bit cowardly more than anything.
basically the show was supposed to be about terrorists, our main characters all this time were to more or less be terrorists. and y'know i was somewhat fine with them not really wanting to kill random people at first but i just.. they're now literally the good guys, they're not terrorists really they're just 'misunderstood heros', there isn't much honestly interesting about them at this point, they've become the good guys that know better than the cops.
it's ok guys, they're not terrorists, they don't want to kill people. the real villain is that damn five!!!
welp, so long the potential of genuine anti-hero/villain main characters and actual fun cops vs main characters. well actually i still hold.. some... very little hope.

and sure you might want to say that i shouldn't hate it because it just wasn't what i wanted, but the problem here isn't that it wasn't what i wanted it's that it just went to more generic roles. it's made me lose interest in the main characters and the cops and well the whole fucking supposed plot.

and yea look, i don't exactly know every detail of the plot which is why i'm avoiding complaining about those directly, and this might be explained later but for the moment just.. why the hell did the cops not fucking arrest sphinx already? and no i don't mean the good cops that were thrown away by the evil forces of five!! that damn five!!
no i mean the ones with the fbi or whatever that  hired five, i mean they had so many fucking chances to just straight out send forces to fucking arrest them, BUT NO, LET'S NOT ARREST THEM. LET'S PLAY A GAME THAT SHOWS THAT WE'RE LIKE, SUPER GENIUSES AND STUFF ASFADFDSAFDF.
damn that five and her evil ways!!!
no really, is there ANY reason why they would care to just let them go and let five's game continue. sure her game was good bait for our heroic main characters!!! but aren't you supposed to actually y'know.. get them? you know their faces.. you have the police on your side.. just.. i don't see any logical reason for the people who sent five to let this happen.

also there's lisa who went from an emo character they tried to do something with to a girl with ever growing boobs. and i mean she's seriously getting more curvy each episode, no joke.

so yeah, no characters are honestly worthwhile at this point and i'm barely interested in the plot itself. but it had a good start and some of the supposed games or whatever are still fun to watch. and lisa fanservice is nice.

so it's still enjoyable, and i still am giving it a chance to redeem itself so 7.5/10 for now.

others i haven't caught up with or never watched to begin with


HAI DD-KUN!(Nourii-chan was here)
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PostSubject: Re: RE:Summer 2014 Anime Season (Rank yo animu)   Sat Aug 23, 2014 5:53 pm

Reikan wrote:
I think this'll be my last batch of animu that I'm watching this season (aside from Hanamonogatari.) Here's my impressions of the following shows:

Summary of other impressions:

Aldonah Zero (yes a 3rd time.): The show has redeemed itself! It's pretty good now. Just ignore Inaho's lack of emotion and you've got yourself a pretty dramatic mech show.

New verdict: 7.5/10

Barakamon: Barakamon really gives me the same feeling I had when I first watched GTO back in them weeb days. I think it's an overstatment people make by calling it "funny"--I mean sure it has its lulzy moments, but really where it counts is the journey that Handa has and watching him turn into a humble man is the richest part of this show. I know I wouldn't do reviews, but if you want to interpret this into a rating, it would be around a 9.5/10, honestly. If they could implement the humor a little more and perfect the presentation of the humor in some other way, then I would've gave it a perfect score, honestly. On another note, how I will look at anime reviews is a "how you should view it yourself" kind of thing, and I'll demonstrate with Barakamon as an example. I would buy this as a Blu-Ray. The replay value is pretty high and I can only see this show being able to stand the test of time.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: I love how Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun takes a play as a satire on RomComs. It's too good to be true, this show. It's anything but brilliant with it's play on tropes and cliches. The actual RomCom they happen to have reminds me of School Rumble a little bit with the satirical nature of the MCs' relationship. Why the hell wasn't I watching this from the start?!

Verdict: 8.5/10

Sabagebu!: The first half of the show had a great first shot at being a great laid-back comedy, but so far the second half is just ok. There's some laughs here and there and ongoing gags that are starting to feel like back up jokes. It's ok, but then again it has some hilarious moments here and there.

Verdict: 6.5/10

As far as my personal favorite goes, it's a tie between Barakamon and Zankyou no Terror honestly. Behind that would easily be Nozaki-kun.

Ah forgot about Love Stage.

Love Stage: your average BL, except Izumi, the bishonen/trap is indeed prettier than most women at times. It's a cute show, the yaois is strong as is expected in yaois. It's ok. Nothing special aside from Izumi.

Verdict: 5.5/10

@Alibaba: I do feel like ZnT could definitely pick up the slack for the faults you pointed out and Ik I'm rating it a bit high, but my god I'm enjoying it so much. Now that I think about it a little more I could honestly give it something close to a 8.5 rather than a 9 (just yet.) The whole goal for the anti-hero thing is still inconspicuous imo (even though their goal is to clearly indirectly avert attention to whatever this child-terrorism training program thing is. It'll be an interesting ride, we should talk about this again when it ends.

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PostSubject: Re: RE:Summer 2014 Anime Season (Rank yo animu)   

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RE:Summer 2014 Anime Season (Rank yo animu)
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