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 Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum

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PostSubject: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   Tue Feb 03, 2015 2:09 pm

Rooster Teeth Blog wrote:
matt CAST & CREW
Monty Oum has passed away
Our friend, inspiration and co-worker Monty Oum passed away yesterday afternoon at 4:34 PM surrounded by people who loved him very much. Ten days ago Monty suffered a severe allergic reaction during a simple medical procedure that left him in a coma. Although he fought bravely, his body was not able to recover. During his time in the hospital he was well cared for and never in pain at any time.

Monty is survived by his wife Sheena, his father Mony, his brothers Woody, Sey, Chivy and Neat, and his sisters Thea and Theary, as well as a countless number of fans and friends. We were so proud to be a part of his life and we will miss him greatly.

Your generosity during the hours after the public statement on Friday will help his family deal with the costs of his care and his passing. You made an incredible difference during a difficult time and we cannot thank you enough.

As for honoring Monty, we will do that in our own way. In lieu of flowers or gifts, we ask that you simply do something creative. Use your imagination to make the world a better place in any way that you can. If you know Monty like we do, then you know he would certainly be doing that if he were able to.

Monty was 33 years old.

We love you, Monty.
8 hours ago  |  Comments (3830)

Feel free to use this picture as your FB cover photo or whatever social media you us and pay tribute to this brilliant man whom this industry has lost. It's fully optimized for PC, so mobile users will have to adjust.

An ode to Monty Oum,

I have been wanting to say something all day. This man's career barely started and suffered a ten day coma leading to his death. He didn't deserve this. He was onto something truly remarkable and was paving way towards an ambitious future that I would hope would be carried on-- an indirect legacy to see through his innovative progress.

Web series have never really been remarkable, much less visually appealing. I remember the Newgrounds days where we had shitty flash animations, yes, the early memes of the early 2000's. It was ok enough for my pubescent mind, but I can only cringe at what I used to enjoy. Web series have come a long way-- RVB, any parody production like TFS or BakaOppai, and especially RWBY have really paved the way for modern times.

Here lies a man who recognized the convenience of this medium and took risks. Here he lies dead in his fast paced victories with a legacy and future for us all. Soon we will see freshly bred anime made on the web, mark my words. We will one day recognize the web as an acceptable place to produce and market web-based anime. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are already chugging out exclusive TV shows and Crunchyroll has talks about their own anime. We have this man to thank for proving that fully fledged animated series are indeed competitive in this infinite marketplace.

A whole lot of us may have not liked RWBY a for the comical and childish nature as well as the dubbing, but criticism aside, it sure did have a fully fleshed out story for once. There may be other web series with good story, but this success story is noteworthy nonetheless.

I congratulate you, Monty Oum, on your life's work and thank you for creating opportunities that was unthinkable in the past 5 years. May you rest in peace and may animators and studios follow the path you have carved.



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PostSubject: Re: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   Wed Feb 04, 2015 7:35 am

My prayers go out to Oum's family and the Rooster Teeth crew. While I may not have liked RWBY, Monty was still one of the best fight scene choreographers out there, and I watched mostly just to see his next biggest fight scene. It's so sad to see such a great talent lost.

It's a really big shame what happened, and by anaphylactic shock due to an allergy reaction from a medical procedure. It just goes to show how fickle life is, and how quickly it could be snuffed away with a snap of the finger.

Nevertheless, RIP.

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PostSubject: Re: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:11 pm



HAI DD-KUN!(Nourii-chan was here)
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PostSubject: Re: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:24 am

Alibaba wrote:

I pressed F so you can go f*** yourself.

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PostSubject: Re: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   Fri Feb 06, 2015 2:29 am

To be fair, the title isn't really respectful, feels a bit off when you mix condolences with jokes in that way.
Actually sad to see mounty oum go though. I didn't follow rwby, didn't see a point, but I was following his earlier work and his fan videos since I was in high school or something. I remember waiting for the next dead fantasy back then lol.
Rest in peace, we don't often see people in the field with that kind of passion.

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PostSubject: Re: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   Sat Feb 07, 2015 2:29 pm

I challenge you to watch this without crying. I'll miss Monty so much. I've known about and loved him since Haloid and was desperately checking back for Dead Fantasy over and over before finding out he went to Rooster Teeth and I followed them because of him. Not that I didn't know a bit about them before but Monty is why I like Rooster Teeth.

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PostSubject: Re: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   Tue Feb 10, 2015 5:25 am

I for one quite enjoyed RWBY. It was filled with a lot of stereotypical characters and relationships, but goddammit if I didn't have a lot of fun getting emotionally invested in the cheese. Fuck yeah Arkos ship sailed. I didn't think the dubbing was bad either, even if it was similar female voices. I thought Penny was played really well.

R.I.P. Monty. I only recently got acquainted with you and your work, but I could absolutely see the passion that you put into it.


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PostSubject: Re: Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum   

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Press "F" to pay respects to Monty Oum
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