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 Death Parade Burnout

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PostSubject: Death Parade Burnout   Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:02 am

So I'm about to have lunch, sit at my pc, put up an anime episode I haven't watched from my folder (yes, that is my lunch routine, shut up), and as it starts we get a standard children osananajimi thingy that you see a bunch in casual harem anime. At this point I had forgotten which anime I had booted up, but I had all along this feeling in my head that I would be really bored for some reason. But at that point I was actually kinda glad because standard is fine, it's not a chore, if I had started a fafnir episode or something, at least I'd know I'd have some mindless fun over lunch, I was somehow relieved. For a second.

Then the OP starts and I remember the source of this lazy foreboding, this is Death Parade, a realization which hit me like the contestants when they finally remember they have died and that none of this matters.

I liked the one-shot because you weren't privy to the facts, but now, it's kinda boring. It feels like the main point is it being omg so deep, omg humanity is darkness so ugly, which is fine if you want to pretend you are watching the cool animes and that you are the cultured sophisticated anime fan that will go on boards and declare that he wants some good motherf***ing animated Dostoyevsky, but I don't feel that need for self-affirmation anymore because, well, I am not a teenager anymore, I stopped being one some years ago.

Iunno, maybe I am looking at it wrong, is there something more in it other than omg-so-deep-ness? Because right now I prefer friggin aldnoah over it. Yeah, it's also guilty of omg-so-deep-ness, and it does it in a stupid way, but at least its main characters stick around for more than 1 episode, and it has giant robots which is always a plus.

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PostSubject: Re: Death Parade Burnout   Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:27 am

death parade... is pretty disappointing
though my main problem with it is more with it being 1 repeated gimmick and no real story or purpose, rather than the trying to be "mature", "smart" or "dark" mostly because i feel it doesn't try as hard or blatantly as some others i've seen lately

they're just not even trying to go forward or really anywhere with this, i'm not even too against an episodic formula but this is getting boring


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PostSubject: Re: Death Parade Burnout   Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:23 pm

Maybe, but the OP is still great. o.o

I loved Death Billiards and I love this concept, sodon'truinthisforme, the truth, I can't handle the truths D:

Awaiting mid-month freedom.

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PostSubject: Re: Death Parade Burnout   Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:56 am

Reikan wrote:
I apologize beforehand. This is a few days past due, but regardless if you were wanting to watch something psychological and visually stunning, Death Parade is for you.

Death Parade is an anime about moral ambiguity with some psychological elements thrown in the mix. Mixing concepts about Christianity's Purgatory and Hinduism's Karma, we have select individuals who are tested in astonishingly creative ways via playing games of sorts like arcades, darts, and bowling--stuff you can find at a bar. This bar is called Quindecim, a place where these beings, called arbiters judge said individuals whether or not their souls should be reincarnated or be thrown in the "void".

The first episode was remarkable in its own right as far as storytelling style was concerned. The following episodes, not so much as it turns out. I like it when any show gives me bits of information at a time, some brain food to ponder about--a puzzle piece per episode to complete the whole picture and figure it out myself. Right off of the bat in episode 2, one of the characters drops mom's spaghetti and spoils the entire setting and methodology behind this seemingly ominous setting. Any sense of mystery is now gone.

Each episode is unique with a different theme and different characters. This show has grade A means of effective character development for characters that you will only see for that episode alone. As for our main cast, the arbiters, they are certainly not typical anime tropes, at least from what I have seen. Their presentation and personal progression are all subtle, which is great. This story has fine pacing and it hardly ever has a dull moment.

Music is alright, the OP gives a wrong vibe but is cute and colorful on its own (a lot of anime do this and it needs to stop. This trend is horrible.) Visuals are standard Madhouse quality, which is alluring and attractive regardless of what anime this studio seems to touch. Even the special effects are worthy of a Madhouse budget. Kudos all around.

This anime is decent. It is certainly not worth the hype it had originally, but is an intriguing and worthwhile watch nonetheless.


This was my first impression post I had after episode 3. Watching 4 and 5 give me largely the same feelings, except I too have lost some interest. Again, I blame the info dumps for my personal boredom with the show. The ominous setting was more than enough to keep my imagination going, but all them info dumps makes everything about the show rather dull.

I'm still going to watch it regardless. I've come this far and it's still pretty okay. It's not as disappointing as Log Horizon and Aldnoah Zero I tell yah what.

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PostSubject: Re: Death Parade Burnout   

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Death Parade Burnout
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