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 FGN: Birdie And Cammy Join Street Fighter V

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PostSubject: FGN: Birdie And Cammy Join Street Fighter V   Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:11 pm

I'm laaaaaate, also a theory at the end. Yay.

Birdie And Cammy Join Street Fighter V

E3 passed and with that, Street Fighter V news was given, a lot of news. Most of the news came from different players and fighting games sites about frame data, comparisons to other Street Fighter games, and apparently Kanye West decided to try his hand at the game. Yes that was considered big enough to be news but I don't mind. I would've loved to play SFV at E3 against Kanye.

On to the news you guys will care about most, the characters. Those who saw Sony's conference will already know but two fighters are returning to Street Fighter V, Cammy and Birdie.

Cammy returns from Street Fighter IV, an old school character she returns in her classic outfit but with a bit more gear while also getting rid of her very poor leg camo. Her special moves correct themselves to always go towards her opponent. Quick Spin Knuckle goes past opponents and projectiles but if you pass the opponent she'll correct herself and swing her knuckle back towards the opponent. Cannon Strike if done past the opponent will also correct itself to hit your opponent.

Birdie shows that you can be an old returning fighter and still have new tricks. Birdie is a lot fatter than his younger more muscular self and a lot more disgusting. He still keeps things he had from his Street Fighter Alpha days. Did I mention Birdie comes from Street Fighter Alpha and the very first Street Fighter? Making him older than the entire original eight from Street Fighter II besides Ryu and Ken. Birdie still has his chains which he uses to grab his opponent but he also has some new...slob moves. He is fatter than he used to be and they really drive that home by making him eat during the match, he eats a banana and drinks a soda. The banana works just like you'd expect, it trips the opponent while the soda works as a ground projectile that he rolls. If you don't do anything Birdie will pick his nose and flick his findings at his opponent for very small damage.

Theory: Mel Masters

Well if you didn't know, Street Fighter V is the farthest down the timeline yet and many characters are getting older even if Chun-Li and Cammy looks younger than ever. So this means we can have characters now that where just too young to be in earlier entries. We already know new characters never before in a Street Fighter game will be in SFV so a character that would really fit is Mel Masters.

Mel Masters is the son of Eliza and Ken Masters. He was born during the time of Street Fighter IV and he was trained by Ken during Street Fighter III. So by Street Fighter V Mel should be around the same as Sakura was during the older Street Fighter games. He fits and he counts as a new character so it would be cool if he was added to SFV. Almost every Street Fighter game has had at least four Shoto characters (characters that play like Ryu). Ryu and Ken always make it in all the time and Akuma is usually a secret character. The forth shoto is always the weaker yet unique shoto. Dan, Sean, and Sakura are ones that usually comes to mind. So Mel fits in just fine.

That is all for FGN. I'll do more as more news comes up.


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FGN: Birdie And Cammy Join Street Fighter V
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