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 Street Fighter V Guest Appearances [Spoilers?]

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PostSubject: Street Fighter V Guest Appearances [Spoilers?]   Sat Feb 13, 2016 12:56 am



Oro (Guy on left)

Ibuki (Girl on right)

Gouken (Guy on right)

Juri (Girl on right)

Balrog/Bison/Boxer (Guy on bottom right)

C.Viper (Girl on right)

Juni (Girl on left)

Ed (Guy on right)

Ed theory: As far as I could look I couldn't find any character called Ed in the SF series. He just shows up out of nowhere with Psycho Power in SFV. Well in Balrog's story in SSFIV he finds a kid with the Shadaloo mark on his hand and takes him with him.

This is probably Ed.


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Street Fighter V Guest Appearances [Spoilers?]
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