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 Summer is Over! Time for Unsummer Days!!

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PostSubject: Summer is Over! Time for Unsummer Days!!   Sun Sep 18, 2016 5:11 am

hahahahaha unsummer days ain't that nostalgic im so glad i didnt shoehorn that into the title; the title didn't stretch at all

Okay, so... animusummer isn't actually over but Re:Zero ends tomorrow. Dan, this topic is actually just a reminder that you should catch up!!! Nothing wrong with building a little hype. Can't wait for Al's second Reeee0 topic. Reeeee0: re.

Also, so glad I totally definitely absolutely watched all the anime I said I was going to watch. Didn't touch Qualidea Code. Bananya AOTS. Mob OP of the season. Saiki Kusuo pretty great. Go watch it.

No, please, stop, you're not allowed to talk about my graphics skills! (or lack thereof)

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Summer is Over! Time for Unsummer Days!!
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