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 FGN: One Button Fighters Strike Your Fantasy?

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PostSubject: FGN: One Button Fighters Strike Your Fantasy?   Tue Nov 15, 2016 2:29 pm

Fighting Games Are Hard

David Sirlin Reveals New Fighter 'Fantasy Strike'

David Sirlin, the man behind the balancing of Street Fighter HD Remix, has recently released the reveal trailer for his upcoming fighter, Fantasy Strike, on the PlayStation YouTube channel. Fantasy Strike is a "fighting game for everyone." It uses single button inputs and you don't even need to touch the controls for something called "The Yomi Counter".

Seriously, the game will be easy to play.

It'll release with ten characters from Sirlin's card games such as Yomi and Puzzle Strike.

You can find the trailer below and you can also go to their site http://www.fantasystrike.com/ to learn more.

This video shows early, pre-alpha footage and is not representative of final graphics quality.

Time for me to Yomi Counter out of here.



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PostSubject: Re: FGN: One Button Fighters Strike Your Fantasy?   Tue Nov 15, 2016 9:46 pm

huh, sirlin's game's finally coming out huh? his how to win guide is a really nice read but iunno if this'll be enjoyable. ignoring that the characters themselves dont look too appealing aside, i havent found a really fun attempt to simplify fighting games yet

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FGN: One Button Fighters Strike Your Fantasy?
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