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 FGN: Akuma's Hair Causes Marvel To Attack In Anger

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PostSubject: FGN: Akuma's Hair Causes Marvel To Attack In Anger   Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:31 am

Also An Iconic Figure Was Revealed I Guess

The PlayStation Experience has come and gone with many reveals that left the crowd excited be it returning classics like PaRappa the Rapper or upcoming games like The Last of Us Part II. That's cool and all but what about the fighting games?

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Revealed

Leading up to the event there was a rumor posted about a future Marvel vs. Capcom game that was going to be revealed at PSX along with some details on gameplay and general character choices. It was to be a 2v2 game that focused more on the Marvel Cinematic Universe not to mention the most troubling part, no X-Men. X-Men is what started this whole series when Capcom decided to make the first crossover with Marvel by making X-Men vs. Street Fighter. To have no X-Men feels like having a chunk missing. Regardless, MvC fans hoped and prayed that maybe, just maybe, this wild rumor was true and tuned into the PlayStation Keynote.

Not only did a new MvC get announced, it got announced early into the keynote to the joy (and insane screaming) of many MvC fans that attended the event in person as well as the many online expressing excitement.

Not only was the rumor true, but pretty much all the rumors about the game itself were true. It has 2v2 combat, uses what is basically a gem (though it would be stone system now I guess cause you know, Infinity Stones), and so far have Marvel characters within the MCU. Those being Iron Man, Captain Marvel and Captain America. While no confirmation was given on if there would be any X-Men characters (they were specifically ask about this at PSX and gave a vague answer) we can assume that since all the other rumors were proven true there is a good chance we ain't getting any X-Men this time around. But while there could be no X-Men there is definitely a fan favorite in this game on Capcom's side, X from Mega Man X. X hasn't been seen in such a long time since Capcom refuses to make new Mega Man games so to see him in a MvC game for the first time is wonderful. Along with X is Ryu and Morrigan, MvC mainstays.

Along with this announcement it was revealed that Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 was coming to the PSN store. It is already available if you want to go and download it, it comes with all the DLC which means you can finally get your hands on some characters that were impossible to get.

Akuma Revealed For Street Fighter V

Let's be real, Street Fighter V had a terrible launch and is only slowly recovering. While there are many big reasons for why it didn't do well one of those reasons was because Akuma wasn't in the game. Akuma has been in almost every single Street Fighter game. The last time Akuma wasn't in the game from the start was Street Fighter III and guess what. That game didn't do well either. So while Capcom has slowly been working on improving SFV they also are putting Akuma into the game, this time with some new moves and a new look.

If you don't like how his new design looks, he does have his old design in what Capcom is calling Nostalgia Costume. Akuma isn't the only one getting a classic outfit. Both Alex and Ibuki will be getting Nostalgia Costumes down the line. Akuma not only has something new in his moveset but something new for SFV itself, 2 different Critical Arts. Currently in SFV, every character has one CA outside of Necalli who has an altered version of his CA if you go into V-Trigger. Like Necalli, Akuma's CA changes depending on if you're in V-Trigger or not. His CA by default is Sekia Koretsuha which was a super he had in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. If you go into his V-Trigger it changes into something comepletely different, his iconic Shun Goku Satsu commonly known as Raging Demon. Akuma is coming on the 20th of this month and he isn't alone.

As you can see he is part of the 2017 Character Pass. I would like to point out that it says character pass and not season pass, perhaps there is a reason for this specific change? One can hope. This pass contain Akuma and five completely new characters. It will also contain all their outfits and colors. These are five characters new to the Street Fighter Universe so that means no returning characters for this pass outside of Akuma. We don't know if this also includes characters that are already in the Street fighter Universe but not playable or new characters never before seen anywhere. Also coming in the month of December is SFV's 2nd holiday DLC, this time based off Christmas.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves Released On PS4

Similar to Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, SNK has decided to port the this old fighter onto the PS4. A popular game within the Fighting Game Community, this version comes with an online verses mode for the first time. This game also has the coolest design on Terry, just saying.

King of Fighters XIV Trailer Shows The Upgraded Graphics

When KoF XIV was fitrst shown it didn't look good and while the graphics improved with time as the game got closer to launch it still left fans wanting more. SNK has heard you and is updating KoF XIV with updated graphics and lighting. Along with this you will be getting more colors for your characters. All of this is free and will be coming in 2017.

You think the Avengers are fighting Capcom because they don't like the new Akuma?
I need my X-Men!


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FGN: Akuma's Hair Causes Marvel To Attack In Anger
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