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 FGN: Street Fighter V Season 1

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PostSubject: FGN: Street Fighter V Season 1   Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:11 am

Lets Look At The Popularity Poll!

First things first. Our Street Fighter V World Champion for 2016 is Liquid|NuckleDu!

It's the 20th of December, 2016. On this day the Street Fighter V servers are going under maintenance to add new content and change current content. Akuma is getting added along with costumes and two stages. Not only that, SFV is undergoing a MAJOR balancing patch that is going to change how the game is played. I figured we'd look at the EventHubs tier list for SFV. EH is never accurate but I thought it would be fun anyway to look and give my own opinions since this tier list is going to change a lot.

According to EH readers, Chun-Li is the best character in the game. Yes...yes she is. There is nobody playing SFV that wouldn't put Chun in either 1st or 2nd. Her normals were the best in the game and air lightning legs was a pain to deal with. Adding that her V-Trigger was amazing (it would give multiple hits to her normals) and you have in my opinion the best character in the game.

At the bottom you have Zangief, which is debatable. I think the bottom three, Juri, F.A.N.G. and Zangief are all in contention for worst character in season 1. Juri had all the tools but all her tools were bad. F.A.N.G. had a poison gimmick that no one feared, his poison didn't do enough damage to worry about it. Zangief...well he has a hard time to get which you would think makes sense, he is a grappler after all but so many characters beat him no problem. I would say Zangief's comeback factor saves him from being the worst. To me, F.A.N.G. is the worst in the game. When your whole gimmick is pretty much pointless, what do you have? Not much.

The middle is all over the place. SFV at least in season 1 was a pretty balanced game. Even with the bad characters you could still win. So instead of going through the middle I'll name my top 5 and bottom 5 with brief explanation.

Top 5

1) Chun-Li
Her quick and lengthy normal along with her V-Trigger made her a monster.

2) Ryu
They made him the base character after all. He hits like a truck plus shotos are always good.

3) Cammy
This one is more recent but the amount of pressure she could do made her dangerous to defend against.

4) R.Mika
One hit and one EX bar is all it takes to send you to the corner and now you gotta deal with her mixups.

5) Necalli
Necalli without V-Trigger is already a good character. Necalli WITH V-Trigger is a nightmare. Some say V-Trigger Necalli is the best character in the game.

Bottom 5

1) F.A.N.G.
Poison is pretty much null and the only thing he has going for him is that almost nobody plays him so not too many know what is safe against him.

2) Zangief
Big grapplers are always too good or too bad and sadly Zangief can't reliably get in and just leaves him hurting. At least he has comeback potential.

3) Juri
One of the worst V-Skills, bad V-Trigger and she has to charge so many moves made her a bad character. (Hurray for season 2 buffs!)

4) Ibuki
She needs too much meter to be good. And maybe limiting her kunai in SFIV would've been a good call. Limiting them in this game just makes her bad.

5) Birdie
This spot was hard but I feel that Birdie is just a tad too slow to be a viable character.

This was all for season 1 though. Season 2 comes out today! Capcom released the patch notes (92 pages worth of patch notes) and you can download it at the Capcom Unity website.

RIP Alex you are bottom 5 in season 2 for sure.
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FGN: Street Fighter V Season 1
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