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 FGN: Kolin The Character Spoiler

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PostSubject: FGN: Kolin The Character Spoiler   Fri Feb 10, 2017 7:46 am

Hope You've Seen The Story Mode.

Street Fighter V Reveals New Character Kolin

The second Season 2 character Kolin has officially been revealed. The ice based assistant to Gill is making her playable debut in SFV though she has been around since the Street Fighter III series. If you've seen anything of the story you'll notice she is called Helen. It is only revealed at the very end that her name is actually Kolin (Unless you played SFIII and figured that Helen was just a disguised Kolin).

The most interesting part of her moveset is her V-Trigger, Diamond Dust. It is only 2 bars and she shoots ice out onto the ground. It can freeze her opponents stun gauge and if she successfully fills it out instead of being stunned the opponent will be frozen in place.

Like Akuma, Kolin will be coming with on release. Her story costume, battle costume and nostalgia costume (Kolin gets a nostalgia costume before Alex and Ibuki huh).

With Akuma out and Kolin shown off in the trailer Season 2 seems to be more action packed. Both Akuma and Kolin have a lot going on and it has me pretty excited for what the future Season 2 characters will be able to do. Kolin will be available Feb. 28th.

No, that is not her theme.


I should really get on those Injustice 2 reveals before they get out of hand...
But I'm lazy.
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FGN: Kolin The Character Spoiler
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