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 Anne Hathaway's Unused Records

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PostSubject: Anne Hathaway's Unused Records   Fri May 19, 2017 2:26 pm

By Bard Anne Hathaway, the Fair-Haired, Lovely, Innocent Maiden

Entry #1:
I have recently stumbled upon a most disagreeable group. I had found work at Neverwinter, where I was to accompany a caravan and guard the merchandise. The man who hired me was rather unremarkable, to the extent that I do not recall his name. The other hired hands however, were less than enjoyable.

Particularly the rogue. Ladida Dida was his name and he was an elf. God, yet another elf. The world was filled with them and I despair when reminded of this fact. Just as our journey went underway I smacked him with my lute, not too strongly of course. However, as fate would have it, goblins ambushed us then and they flanked him, almost killing him. Out of the kindness in my heart I made the three ganging up on him fall asleep and we moved on.

There was also a human mage, Dorian. When we followed the trails left by the goblins who, before we knew it, took our merchandise away, it was her magic that got their attention from across the river of their base. Her personality was also quite rude and unenjoyable and her skill with the staff was terrible, but she managed to hit the elf with her Firebolt so I must at least commend her for that.

Edgar was the bulkiest one of the group but he speaks so little. He did his job properly I suppose, blocking the arrows from us, but then he went along with the elf and almost died to some wolves. What race was he, I do not know.

Finally the cleric, Dane. He was at least fairly competent but also not very conversational. It was mostly with his help that we survived the second encounter.

Now we rest in the forest just before the cave entrance. Without much else to do I have decided to write all this down. Perhaps it may become useful in the days to come.

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Anne Hathaway's Unused Records
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