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 "Neverwinter, Caravan Guard, 10 gold, NOTE: May engage in actual combat."

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PostSubject: "Neverwinter, Caravan Guard, 10 gold, NOTE: May engage in actual combat."   Sat May 20, 2017 12:08 am

How long has it been since I last felt the terror of death?

 Not ever since I left the battlefield, I believe, and a scary thought that is, to have left my skills with a sword and shield to rot for such a long time. Now that I think about it, my “feats” of beating up street rats feels like child play. But I digress.

 Today I met a rather unpleasant group, in fact, I don't even know how some of them were hired. I thought the dwarf specifically mentioned “skilled” fighters. Anyway, the group was full of clowns, a bunch of brutish amateurs who seemed to have just came out from under the wings of their mentor. Each of them held great power, yet cannot utilize them well. What a waste. Especially the wizard, Dorian Ray. Her control over her spells was non-existent; in fact, she even hit the rogue, Ladida, once, and instantly knocked him out. I wish I could say she meant to do that, since that would prove her competent, but alas, that wasn't the case.

 Not that I hate the rogue, mind you. Ok that was a lie, he was almost exactly the same like the hoodlums I had to deal with in my previous work as a town guard. They always ran away at the first sight of danger, and cannot keep their mouths shut. I do have to commend his courage, however, he seems to be a bit better than the others of his kind, willing to run back into the pack of wolves. Although it's probably the greed for the 10 gold we were promised that got to him.

 The bard was quite pleasant, she has proved her self worth in this party with the songs she has played. Without her song, we probably would have suffered a lot more at the hands of those pillaging goblins. Furthermore, she also helped to severely hurt the wolves that had knocked me off my feet. Plus, she also seemed to hate the rogue quite a bit, added points.

 Now, for the star of the show. The cleric, Dane, saved both my and the rogue's life. He also helped pick off the damaged enemies, getting pressures off our back. Also had a great perception, helping to find enemies beforehand.

 Overall, this party so far has given me quite the thrill, whether that's good or bad is hard to say. It's been a long time since I last killed anything at all, and these bloodshed has boiled my blood. However, we must hurry, as we did discover signs of two men being dragged into the cave. It way very well be our client, and I don't want those 10 gold gone after all this time.

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"Neverwinter, Caravan Guard, 10 gold, NOTE: May engage in actual combat."
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