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 Backstory on my new character, thoughts please?

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PostSubject: Backstory on my new character, thoughts please?   Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:28 am

Sometimes a world can’t be viewed in black or white. I’m writing this to tell you who i am, since i’m not exactly black or white either. My name is Artorius (insert last name here). I was born to a family of (insert race here). My parents were both merchants in town, and since they were always busy i spent a lot of time with my twin sister, Artoria. As we grew up Artoria gained a knack for spell casting and I in swordplay. I never really had much talent for magic, but my sister was a genius at it. I tried harder to become a “genius” with the sword. When we were both seven our town was given rule to a new noble by the lord of our land. Our peaceful lives came to an end soon after.

With the decline of our peaceful lives, my parents sent Artoria away to one of my relatives to help cultivate her magical abilities.  I didn’t pick up a sword to be able to fight with it, i picked it up because of the elegance i saw at a circus when i was younger. I wanted to because to create something graceful with something that had power and strength behind it. After my sister left, I continued to practice and hone my skill. At the same time, Noblemen Delmount was manipulating and terrorizing his region of rule with hired bandits. With bandits on the loose, he raised taxes to provide funding for the milita. That was a lie. He stuff the money into his own pocket and manipulated his friend that gave him is position. This went on for 9 long years.

When i turned 13, a resistance group had gained movement. They rose up against Delmount’s rule. With more people living in poverty now due to increased taxation, the people rebelled, including my parents. By this time my parents are dead. They died protecting me from a drunk bandit that happened to find me with while i was practicing my sword work. I can’t forget their act of heroism, one thing was made clear, my weakness, a lack of resolve and conviction like my parents. I acted like i didn’t really know what was going on and as if everything was still the same as when Artoria was still living with us. I buried my parents and picked up their longswords and left town.

I trained for 2 years with a very mysterious paladin who wields two weapons, one in each hand. I couldn’t get his style of fighting down with my parent’s longswords. I pains me to know i melted down my father’s and my own sword into two shorter swords. It doesn’t pain me as much knowing my father’s sword though shorter is still infused in both blades, makes me feel like he’s with me. I came back from training with new experience and a pair of new weapons. The resistance group, now known as Saber, broke into two factions due to Delmount’s men infiltrating it. The status was only worse. With the bandits and Saber’s infighting it wasn’t looking too good for anyone. To make matters worst of all for me, Artoria was back and fighting alongside Saber. I only knew of this because my first sight was Artoria fighting with another Saber in the streets near the old bakery.

Artoria was at a disadvantage, she looked drained and had just lost her weapon. The other saber had his sword held high and yelled “Die you traitor.” Before i knew it i ran, i ran as fast as i could. My dear sister i haven’t seen in 8 long years on the ground. I didn’t know what i was going to do i just knew i couldn’t watch and let her die. I drew my mother’s longsword from my back and held it up in defense and blocked the attack. I was clumsy and he did slice into my shoulder. My sister, not knowing it was me yelled at me, “what are you doing are you trying to get killed?” “I just couldn’t stand there and watch you die.” The other saber drew a dagger on me and it was coming straight for my face. Before i knew it another person showed up, in Gold accented armor, The leader of the Sabers.

He was someone i knew once, a hero, the first man to stand up to Delmount, Tyrn. Tyrn quickly made a mess of the Saber in front of us. “Tyrn Saber” i said. He turned to me with his goofy smile and said “good work kid”. As he praised the both of us, he turns to me,”Artorius i know this is complicated by don’t get into this fight. The end is soon, but i don’t exactly need you running in and getting killed.” Tyrn and Artoria began walking away, she looks at me with tears in her eyes as she realized it was me but her sense of duty kept her walking with Tyrn. “Artoria”, I whispered. It would be a while still until i saw her again.

Despite Tyrn’s warning, the end wasn’t soon, it took another year for it all to be over. After eliminating the Saber traitors, Tyrn and his men moved on the last of the bandits. At the same time his messenger finally made it through Delmount's defenses to the outside where he was able to get help from the Lord’s army which quickly dealt with Delmount and his men. I continued my fight with the bandits while he was busy with the fighting in the Sabers. The victory was short lived when the Saber’s began feeling entitled and started demanding things from the town. Artoria had left by this point back to my relatives to continue her training in spellcasting. Many of the members that joined to improve their lives in town had also left. The Saber’s just a shadow of the group they were became the injustice and oppression of our home.

I stood up to them after witnessing a member of the Saber’s beating a woman for not sleeping with him. I fought and brought him to justice. These guys were once heroes, I couldn’t watch this any longer. They have crimes they need to pay for. The innocent men that died for them to be like this, thrown away. I began bringing every one of the remaining members of the Sabers to justice. Their time was done yet they insisted their status was worth something, to stay a part of. My parent’s died with these men, they died protecting me. These men aren’t protecting anything except themselves. Tyrn’s been missing since the end of Delmount’s rein. I wanted to be just like him, always standing up for what’s right. Are his men like this because he’s not around? The world isn’t always black and white, but now that we’re up to the present day. Can i figure out the truth of the Sabers and Tyrn? I’m no hero but everyone treats me like one. Where will this journey lead me to next?


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PostSubject: Re: Backstory on my new character, thoughts please?   Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:53 am

W-Write a novel.

Should I move this to the writing section, guys...?

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Backstory on my new character, thoughts please?
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