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 D&D Adventure Journal

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PostSubject: D&D Adventure Journal   Wed Jul 05, 2017 11:46 am

The story began when five new adventures answered an ad from a man named Sildar Hallwinter. It was a simple job; transport supplies from Neverwinter to a small mining town called Phandelver. Those who answered the call included a cleric named Dane Ipacko, a half-elf bard named Anne Hathaway, a wizard name Dorian Ray, a fighter named Edgar Colthearts, and a wood elf rogue named Ladida Dida. Things did not start well for the young adventurers. An argument broke out between the bard and rogue shortly before the group was ambushed by goblins and their supplies stolen. Sildar was also kidnapped by the Goblins.

After they unsuccessfully interrogated a captured goblin, they found a path that lead toward the Cragmaw Goblin’s hideout. The young adventures failed in their first attempt to assail the cavern for their supplies and their missing benefactor. The next morning, they successfully infiltrated the cavern and was able to make a deal with one of the Goblins unsatisfied with the current leadership. Paired with the Goblin named Yeemik, the adventurers were able to defeat the Bugbear in charge. The group successfully retrieved their supplies and saved Sildar from an untimely demise. The Goblins hastily retreated as members of the group discussed turning on them.

A few days later, the adventurers arrived at the old mining town. They returned the supplies found in the cave and made their delivery. When they arrived at the Inn, Sildar introduced them to a young Dragon Rider named Vanir and his Dragon named Kisara. The Dragon Rider was searching for a Young Green Dragon named Venomfang. The next day, they discovered that the town was harassed by a bandit group called the Redbrand. After learning that the Redbrand have kidnapped a family, including two children, the group decided to act. The group traveled north of Triboar Trail and discovered a large encampment of Redbrand Bandits. The group were able to defeat the Redbrand Bandits and take two hostage.

Looking for some work, they decided to help out the inhabitants of the small mining town. They assisted Sister Garaele in asking a Banshee for the location of a tome she has been looking for. They helped Daran Edermath by going to the Old Owl Well to eliminate the undead crawling in the area. They had no need to battle however, when they discovered that the necromancer named Hamun Kost merely used these zombies as protection from the Orcs that were nearby as he studied the ruins. When the group informed him of the Banshee, he paid them for their services and promised to greatly reduce the amount of undead for protection if they could go to Wyvern Tor to eliminate the Orc threat. After a successful raid on the Orcs, they fulfilled the promise to eliminate the Orcs and in turn, Hamun agreed to reduce the number of undead.

After they’ve solved some problems, the unlikely adventurers decided to train for the upcoming attack on the Redbrand Hideout. They ventured in the woods of the Triboar Trail to take on Cragmaw Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, an Ogre, and an Owlbear or two. They discovered that the woods were plagued with the dead; Ghouls and several Wights haunted the woods at night. Vanir and the others decided to take out these monsters that threatened Phandelver and use this as training to hone their craft.

While they trained to take on the Redbrand Bandits, the group came across a wood elf rogue named Ru. This wood elf had some personal history with Dorian. He had stolen her spellbook some years ago, and thus created a bitter relationship between the two. The wood elf apprehensively joined the group. After they’ve successfully reduced the number of Ghouls, they raided the Redbrand Hideout.

At first, it was going well; they defeated a few Redbrand Bandits and released the hostages. They came across a Nothic, which after feeding it a dead Redbrand Bandit, became rather friendly. It informed them about the Black Spider, a mysterious benefactor of the Redbrand Bandits. As they continued forward however, they accidently alerted the leader known as Glasstaff when Dorian alerted the Redbrand Bandits nearby while dealing with some Bugbears. The Redbrand Bandits alerted Glasstaff and he attempted to flee undercover while the adventurers fought off the Bandits and Bugbears. When they finally defeated them, Glasstaff had nearly escaped but was caught by Kisara, who was left to keep watch. They discovered Glasstaff’s true identity; larno Albrek, a friend of Sildar Hallwinter and fellow Lord Alliance member. With the Redbrand Bandits defeated, they adventurers became heroes of Phandelver.

However, they are not out of the dark just yet. While Sildar interrogated Iarno, the Drow attacked Phandelver. The small band of heroes beat back the Drow soldiers. With the Drow repelled, the group of heroes was tasked with infiltrating the Cragmaw Castle and defeat King Gnol, a Bugbear that ruled over the Goblins. In a stroke of luck, the heroes convinced King Gnol to side with them and oppose the Drow after Ladida offered a much better deal than the Drow. The deal, once finalized, made drastic changes in the region. The relationship between the Goblins and other races vastly improved. The Drow however, only grew more hateful of the surface dwellers. They'll remember the slight King Gnol made against them.

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D&D Adventure Journal
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