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 D&D Session Reminder

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PostSubject: D&D Session Reminder   Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:33 pm

Hey guys, just wanted to make everyone aware that the 25th at 2PM Central is when I'll be hosting the next session. We've nearly wrapped up the entire map (that is, until Earl fucked up and nearly caused a TPK). You only have a few rooms left yet to explore before taking on the boss. Your characters only get a 1 hour break (short rest) before you move on. Think carefully and plan ahead with the other players for what you think you should do and how to handle the boss.

If the date or time doesn't work with you, LET ME KNOW AHEAD OF TIME so we can all plan for a date to complete the session. I need all of the players to show up. Thanks.

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D&D Session Reminder
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